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  Ethiopian Jewry: An Annotated Bibliography
Kaplan, Steven; Ben-Dor, Shoshana [Eds.] 1988 The Ben-Zvi Institute / Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi / The Hebrew University, Jerusalem $20.00 More Details
  The People of Kau
Riefenstahl, Leni / Brownjohn, J. Maxwell [Trans.] 1976 Harper & Row $20.00 More Details
Les Merveilles Africaines: Les Fils de Hitong [TWO VOLUME SET].
Ngijol Ngijol, Pierre Centre d`Edition et de Production pour l`Enseignement et la Recherche (Ceper) $50.00 More Details
Le Long des Oueds de l`Aurès
Robert, Claude-Maurice 1938 Editions Baconnier $45.00 More Details
The Koren Ethiopian Haggada: Journey to Freedom - The Gould Family Edition. Celebrating Ethiopian Jewish History, Traditions & Customs
Waldman, Menachem [Ed.] / Shalom, Binyamin [Trans.] 2010 Koren Publishers $25.00 More Details
Historical Phonetics of Amharic [IN HEBREW AND AMHARIC] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]
Podolsky, Baruch 1985 $18.57 More Details
Meyers Reisebücher: Riviera - Südfrankreich, Korsika, Algerien und Tunis.
Fels Gsell, Th. [Theodor] 1904 Bibliographisches Institut $20.00 More Details
Meyers Reisebücher: Ägypten - Unter- und Oberägypten, Obernubien und Sudan.
Mühl. K. [Ed.] 1909 Bibliographisches Institut $45.00 More Details
Biodiversity in the Horn of Africa Region.
Friis, Ib / Ryding, Olof [Eds.] 2001 C. A. Reitzels Forlag $75.00 More Details
Description de l`Afrique Septentrionale par Abou-Obeid-el-Bekri [Al-Bakri]
Abou-Obeid-el-Bekri [Al-Bakri] / De Slane, Mac Guckin [Tr.] 1965 Librairie d`Amerique et d`Orient, Adrien-Maisonneuve $75.00 More Details
Recueil de Textes Falachas: Introduction. Textes ethiopiens. Edition critique et traduction. Index.
Aescoly, A. Z. [Aaron Zeev] 1951 Institut d`Ethnologie $25.00 More Details
Ägypten und der Sudan.
Baedeker, Karl 1906 Verlag von Karl Baedeker $95.00 More Details
Le Monde Oriental [3 VOLUMES BOUND IN 1].
Nyberg, Henrik Samue [Ed.] / Björck, Gudmund; Lamm, C. J.; Munch, P. A.; Brock-Utne, Albert; Löfgren, Oscar; Frisk, Hjalmar; et al. 1936 / 1937 / 1938 Lundequistska Bokhandeln $45.00 More Details
Savorgnan de Brazza - Conquerant Pacifique.
de Brazza, Marthe / Hofer, d`Andre [Drawings] 1943 Editions "Je Sers" $20.00 More Details
Tradizioni Orientali del "Martirio di Areta". La Prima Recensione Araba e la Versione Etiopica.
Bausi, Alessandro; Gori, Alessandro [Ed.&Tr.] / Marrassini, Paolo [Foreword] 2006 Universita di Firenze, Dipartamento di Linguistica $240.00 More Details
Negermärchen aus Imanas Landen
Gelber, Adolf / Leskoschek, Axel [Illust.] 1921 Rikola Verlag $35.00 More Details
The Assassination of Shaka
Skotnes, Cecil [Woodcuts] / Gray, Stephen [Text] 1974 McGraw-Hill $145.00 More Details
L`Univers Akan des Poids a Peser l`Or = Les poids figurative / The Akan Wolrd of Gold Weights - The Figurative Weights [THIS VOLUME ONLY]
Niangoran-Bouah, G. 1985 Les Nouvelles Editions Africaines $120.00 More Details
Namibia: The Forbidden Zone [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]
Ehrlich, Richard 2007 Nazraeli Press LLC $35.00 More Details
English Translation of the Vazir of Lankuran : A play in four acts, translated from persian info urdu and edited with copious notes
$12.86 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 111) 

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