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  Die Kinder- und Hausmaerchen der Brueder Grimm - Band III [Die Brüder] [THIS VOLUME ONLY]
Die Brueder Grimm [Gebrüder; Brüder] / Fischer, Karl [Illust.] 1957 Der Kinderbuchverlag $45.00 More Details
  Le Petit Prince Avec des aquarelle de l`auteur
de Saint-Exupéry, Antoine 1946 Editions Gallimard (nrf) $30.00 More Details
Dani on the Kibbutz: Children of Israel
Weingrad, Bracha / Sabbatai [Illustr.] 1964 Kiryath Sepher $20.31 More Details
Aesop`s Fables: 312 Tales in Hebrew and English
Blackman, Philip 1938 B. W. Hecht $30.00 More Details
Savorgnan de Brazza - Conquerant Pacifique.
de Brazza, Marthe / Hofer, d`Andre [Drawings] 1943 Editions "Je Sers" $20.00 More Details
Die Wichtel im Walde.
Wittig, Karl 1958 Dr. Herbert Schulze Buch- und Kunstverlag $120.00 More Details
Meister Reineke
Odobescu, Al. I. / Alexe, A. [Illust.] Jugendverlag $20.00 More Details
Negermärchen aus Imanas Landen
Gelber, Adolf / Leskoschek, Axel [Illust.] 1921 Rikola Verlag $35.00 More Details
Album of Pictures for a Journey with Children in the Holy Land 1849.
1975 [1849] Carta [A. T. Prikov] $20.31 More Details
The Singular Adventures of Baron Munchausen
Raspe, Rudolph / Carswell, John [Ed.] / Kredel, Fritz [Illustrations] 1952 Heritage $65.00 More Details
Moses Pipenbrinks Abenteuer.
Klötzel C. Z. [Kloetzel, Cheskel Zwi] 1920 Welt Verlag $180.00 More Details
Alice`s Adventures in Wonderland
Carroll, Lewis / McGraw, Deloss [Illustrations] 2001 Harpercollins Publishers $45.00 More Details
Dos Idishe Kind - a lerbukh. Part I & Part II [TWO VOLUME SET]
Rudoy, Pinhas (Pini Baal Lashon; Loshn) 1931 / 1939 Hebrew Publishing Company $135.00 More Details
The Wooden Man
Bolliger, Max / Bauer, Fred [Illus.] 1974 The Seabury Press $25.00 More Details
Gallico, Paul 1952 Purnell and sons $45.00 More Details
Die Wundergabe des Ostmeeres
We-hsiang, Bau [Wei-hsiang, Pao; Dschao, Bai-schau] / Bai-schan, Dschao [Illustrations] 1958 Verlag für fremdsprachige Literatur $20.00 More Details
  De Bonte Schotel: Een Joodsch Kinderboek om te lezen en te kleuren
Loewe, Erwin \ Veit Simon, Ruth [Illustrations] 1936 Uitgevers-Mij. voorheen van Creveld & Co. $45.00 More Details
My Voyage to the Land of Camels [IN HEBREW]
Gallai, Benjamin 1963 $14.06 More Details
Traditional Russian Fairy Tales : Reflected in the Lacquer Miniatures of Palekh, Fedoskino and Kholui
Morozova, Natalia [Ed.] \ Williams, Paul [Tr.] 2006 Yarky Gorod Art Publishers $20.00 More Details
Little Miriam`s Bible Stories for Little Jewish Readers
H. N. [Magnus, Katie] ND P. Vallentine $20.00 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 207) 

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