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  Georgia O`keefe: The Artist`s Landscape
O`Keefe, Georgia / Webb, Todd [Photographs] 1984 Twelvtetrees Press $65.00 More Details
Krakauer, Leopold / Yariv, Yeshayahu [Curator] / Zach, Natan [Nathan] [Text] / Cole, Peter [Trans.] 2002 Gordon Gallery $25.00 More Details
  The Scroll of Esther - Illustrated by Itzhak Tordjman.
Tordjman, Itzhak J. [Jacky] [Artists] / Steinsaltz, Adin [Even-Yisrael; Israel] [Intr.] 2005 Tsofia & Milta Publications $180.00 More Details
  Travel Notes
Fenichel, Abba / Sussman, Ezra [Intro.] 1961 $17.11 More Details
  Ruth Schloss: Paintings and Drawings [PORTFOLIO WITH 8 OUT OF 12 PLATES]
Schloss, Ruth / Cohen Balla, Gila [Intro.] 1970 $17.11 More Details
  Joseph Hirsch
Hirsch, Joseph / Ofrat, Gideon; Stein, D. N. [Introductions] 1987 Carmel $45.00 More Details
  The Road Through Theresienstadt - Peter Ginz 1928-1944 - Chava Pressburger (Eva Ginz)
Ginz, Peter; Pressburger, Chava [Ginz, Eva] / Salmon Livne, Irit [Curator] / Bondy, Ruth; Levy, Judith [Trans.] 1984 Yad Vashem $11.84 More Details
  De Metaphisica [PORTFOLIO].
Marchiori, Guiseppe; Krugier, Jan [Curator] / De Chirico, Giorgio; Carra, Carlo; Morandi, Giorgio; Sironi, Mario; et al. 1965 Galerie Krugier & Cie $25.00 More Details
  Eva Fischer: Labirinti della Memoria - Opere dal 1946 al 1989
Fischer, Eva / Recupero, Jacopo; Toaff, Elio [Writings] / Baumann, Alberto [Poetry] / Morricone, Ennio [Music] ND Yad Vashem: The Holocaust Martyrs` and Heroes` Remembrance Auhority - Art Museum / Istituto Italiano di Cultura $40.00 More Details
  Jerusalem: Through the Eyes of XII. Israeli Painters [PORTFOLIO]
Levanon, Mordechai; Chauski, Moshe; Rubin, Reuven; et al. 1965 Leon the Printer $19.74 More Details
  Homage to Silence: or Metaphisika [Metaphysica / Metaphysics] [PORTFOLIO].
Krugier, Jan [Curator] / De Chirico, Giorgio; Morandi, Giorgio; Giacometti, Alberto; Schlemmer, Oskar; et al. [1966] [Albert Loeb & Krugier Gallery] $25.00 More Details
  The Art of Abel Pann From Montparnasse to the Land of the Bible
Pann, Abel [Paintings]/ Zalmona, Yigal 2003 The Israel Museum $47.37 More Details
The Bible in Art: A Selection of Works by Artists of All Countries and All Times Edited by Emanuel Katz.
Katz, Emanuel [Ed.] / Schwarz, Karl [Foreword] 1952 Kochav $17.11 More Details
Farbwerdung: Andreas Felger - Aquarelle
Felger, Andreas / Kohler, Oliver [Ed.] / Goes, Albrecht [Foreword] 1992 Prasenz $25.00 More Details
Chagall, Marc [Artist] / Leymarie, Jean [Text and Notes] / Desautels, Elaine [Tr.] 1962 George Braziller / Andre Sauret $650.00 More Details
Pamela Levy: Paintings 1983-1994
Levy, Pamela / Ginton, Ellen [Curator] 1994 Tel-Aviv Museum of Art $11.84 More Details
Konrad Klapheck. Retrospektive 1955 - 1985 [SIGNED BY ARTIST]
Klapheck, Konrad [Artist] / Hofmann, Werner; Schuster, Peter-Klaus 1985 Prestel $65.00 More Details
Mande`el, Avraham 1980 Zur Ot $11.84 More Details
Israel: Drawings and Paintings
de Recasens, Jose 1984 Lerner $20.00 More Details
Real Time: Art in Israel - 1998-2008.
Mendelsohn, Amitai [Mendelssohn] [Ed.] 2008 The Israel Museum $25.00 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 871) 

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