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Author Year Publication name Price Action
  Atlas of Islamic History
Hazard, Harry W. 1952 Princeton University Press $20.00 More Details
  Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World.
Crone, Patricia / Cook, Michael 1977 Cambridge University Press $340.00 More Details
  A Little Palestinian New Year`s Festival
Sandberg, Mordecai 1946 Institute of New Music $45.00 More Details
  Der neue Orient: Eine Einführung in das wirtschaftliche und staatliche Werden der Orientländer
Bonne, Alfred 1937 Hitachduth Olej Germania $20.00 More Details
  The Jewish Wedding in Baghdad and its Filiations: Customs and Ceremonies, Documents and Songs, Costumes and Jewelry - Vol. Il: The Dowry and Wedding Songs [IN HEBREW] [VOLUME 2 ONLY]
Avishur, Yitzhak 1991 University of Haifa $25.68 More Details
  History of the Druse in Israel [IN HEBREW]
Falah, Salman H. 1974 The Prime Minister`s Office $12.16 More Details
  The Eastern Mediterranean Lands in the Period of the Crusades
Holt, Peter M. 1977 Aris & Phillips $20.00 More Details
  The Arabs as Master Slavers
Laffin, John 1982 SBS Publishing $30.00 More Details
  The Fertile Crescent, 1800-1914: A Documentary Economic History
Issawi, Charles 1988 Oxford University Press $20.00 More Details
Persia: Bridge of Turquoise
Beny, Roloff / Nasr, Seyyed Hossein [Essay] 1975 Thames and Hudson $20.00 More Details
Die Hamasa des Abu Tammam: ein Versuch
Klein-Franke, Felix 1963 $15.00 More Details
Days and Nights in the Old CIty: Sketches of Arab Life in Jerusalem
Weigert, Gideon ND Edition Olympia - Martin Feuchtwanger $45.00 More Details
Druse Folktales: Thirty Druse Folktales Collected in Israel, Annotated and Indexed [IN HEBREW].
Falah, Salman; Shenhar, Aliza [Eds.] 1978 Folklore Research Center, The Hebrew University $12.16 More Details
Arab Mass Media: Newspapers, Radio, and Television in Arab Politics
Rugh, William A. 2004 Praeger $22.00 More Details
Miroirs de l`Altérité et Voyages au Proche-Orient
Zinguer, Ilana 1991 Editions Slatkine $30.00 More Details
Jews of the Arab and Islamic Countries: History, Problems, Solutions
Haddad, Heskel M. 1984 Shengold Publishers $20.00 More Details
Jerusalem - The City Plan: Preservation and Development during the British Mandate 1918-1948.
Kendall, Henry / Gordon Cunningham, Alan [Foreword] 1948 His Majesty`s Stationery Office $120.00 More Details
Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis
Bat Ye`or [Littman, Gisele] 2005 Fairleigh Dickinson University Press $20.00 More Details
Handbook of Holy Land Philately - The Foreign Post Offices in Palestine 1840-1918 - Vol. I [VOLUME ONE ONLY].
Steichele, Anton / Collins, Norman J. & Dickstein, Leopold [Tr.&Ed.] 1990 World Philatelic Congress of Israel, Holyland & Judaica Societies (W.P.C.) $95.00 More Details
Outremer: Studies in the History of the Crusading Kingdom of Jerusalem Presented to Joshua Prawer
Kedar, B. Z. [Benjamin Zeev]; Mayer, H. E. [Hans Eberhard]; Smail, R. C. [Raimund Charles] [Eds.] 1982 Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi $55.00 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 662) 

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