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  Cultural Inhibitions in the promotion of Phisical Design: in the Galilean Arabe Village.
Yom-Tov, Simcha $84.21 More Details
    L`Empire Egyptien sous Mohamed-Ali et la Question d`Orient (1811-1849) [COPY #1960 OF 2000].
Sabry, M. 1930 Librarie Orientaliste Paul Geuthner $35.00 More Details
    Archaeology in the Levant: Essays for Kathleen Kenyon
Moorey, Roger; Parr, Peter [Eds.] 1978 Aris & Phillips $35.00 More Details
    La Terre des deux Promesse.
Habibi, Emile ; Kaniuk, Yoram / Guillaume, Jean-Patrick ; Sendrowicz, Laurence [Tr.] 1996 Solin Actes Sud $20.00 More Details
    Folia Orientalia - Tome VI (1964).
1965 Polska Akademia Nauk / publ. par la Commission Orientaliste, Section de Cracovie de l`Académie Polonaise des Sciences $20.00 More Details
    Medieval Encounters - Jewish, Christian and Muslim Culture in Confluence and Dialogue.
Simon, Larry J. [Ed.] / Ward, Seth; Wagner, Stanley; Goldman, Shalom; Shtober, Shimon; Tottoli, Roberto; Mohammed, Khaleel; et al. 1999 Brill Academic Publishers $20.00 More Details
    Histoire des Juifs d`Istanbul: Depuis la prise de cette ville, en 1453, par Fatih Mehmed II jusqu`à nos jours [1er Volume]
Galanté, Abraham 1941 Imprimerie Hüsnütabiat $25.00 More Details
    Rubáiyát de Omar Khayyám
Khayyám, Omar / Etchegoyen, Felix E. [Trans.] 1952 Impreso en la Argentina $25.00 More Details
    Modern Palestine: A Symposium
Sampter, Jessie [Ed.] 1933 Hadassah, the Women`s Zionist Organization of America $18.00 More Details
  The Near East Under Roman Rule: Selected Papers
Isaac, Benjamin 1998 Brill $180.00 More Details
    Shaping the Middle East: Jews, Christians, and Muslims in an Age of Transition 400-800 C.E.
Holum, Kenneth G. ; Lapin, Hayim [Eds.] 2011 University Press of Maryland $30.00 More Details
    Der Kampf um Palästina 1924-1939: Berichte der deutschen Generalkonsuln in Jerusalem
Steininger, Rolf 2007 Olzog $35.00 More Details
  The History and Religion of the Samaritans
Ishak, Amram [1960s] Greek Convent Press $20.00 More Details
    A Jew Today [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]
Wiesel, Elie / Wiesel, Marion [Tr.] 1978 Random House $31.58 More Details
    Tel Aviv`s Fifty Years: The Jubilee Album [Tel Aviv; 50]
Tevet, Shabtai; Turnowsky, Walter; Peli, Bracha; Kalir, Matityahu [Eds.] 1959 Massadah $15.00 More Details
  Some Mameluke Doorways in the Old City of Jerusalem.
Burgoyne, M. H. [Michael Hamilton] ND British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem $20.00 More Details
  The Morning After: The Era of Peace - No Utopia [IN HEBREW]
Benvenisti, Meron; Goren, Nimrod [Eds.] 2002 Carmel / The Harry S Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem $11.84 More Details
  Arab Villages in Israel and Judea-Samaria (The West Bank): A Comparison in Social Development
Stendel, Ori [1968] The Israel Economist $12.63 More Details
  The Minorities in Israel: Trends in the Development of the Arab and Druze Communities 1948-1973
Stendel, Ori 1973 The Israel Economist $20.00 More Details
  Days of Ticho: Empire, Mandate, Medicine and Art in the Holy Land
Reifler, David M. 2015 Gefen Publishing House $25.00 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 741) 

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