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    Du Sinai a l`Euphrate: Samaritains, Assyriens, Druzes, Derviches, Hassidim.
Callebaut, Paul-Jacques 1992 Casterman $20.00 More Details
    Outcaste: Jewish life in Southern Iran
Loeb, Laurence D. 1977 Gordon and Breach $25.00 More Details
    Crossing Boundaries and Linking Horizons: Studies in Honor of Michael C. Astour on His 80th Birthday.
Young, Gordon D. ; Chavalas, Mark W. ; Averbeck, Richard E. [Ed.] 1997 CDL Press $55.00 More Details
  The Horns of Hattin.
Kedar, B. Z. [Benjamin Zeev] [Ed.] / Housley, N.; Cowdrey, H.E.J.; Lyons,M.C.; Kenaan-Kedar, Nurith; Mayer, Hans Eberhard; Gal, Zvi; et al. 1992 Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi / Israel Exploration Society / Variorum $100.00 More Details
  The Sabaite Heritage in the Orthodox Church from the Fifth [5th] Century to the Present.
Patrich, Joseph [Ed.] / 2001 Uitgeverij Peeters $85.00 More Details
    Yemen and Zion: The Jews of Yemen, 1800-1914 - a political and social study of their emigration [immigration] to Palestine [IN HEBREW]
Nini, Yehuda 1982 Hassifriya Haziyonit $17.11 More Details
    Wood Anatomy and Identification of Trees and Shrubs from Israel and Adjacent Regions
Fahn, Abraham; Werker, Ella; Baas, Pieter 1986 The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities $25.00 More Details
    Jerusalem: The Holy City
Wilson, Charles W. / Vilnay, Zev [Ze`ev; Zeev] [Intr.] ND Ariel $12.63 More Details
    Messianism and the Settelement of Eretz-Israel [IN HEBREW].
Morgenstern, Arye [Aryeh] 1985 Yad Izhak Ben Zvi $12.63 More Details
    Women in Muslim Rural Society: Status and Role in Family and Community [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
Ginat, Joseph 1982 Transaction Books $15.00 More Details
  Apollonia-Arsuf: Final Report of the Excavations. Volume I - The Persian ans Hellenistic Period [Appolonia, Arsin, Arsuph, Arsur, Arsuth, Assur, Orsuf, Sozusa] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
Roll, Israel & Tal, Oren / Fischer, Moshe; Gorzalczany, Amir; Izre`el, Shlomo; Karmon, Nira; Liphschitz, Nili; Rosenberg, Arik; Sade, Moshe 1999 Emery and Claire Yass Publications in Archaeology $145.00 More Details
    Syrien - Wiege der Kultur
Fortin, Michel; Zanoni, Ivo / Jenny, Mirjam T. [Tr.] 1999 Philipp Von Zabern $25.00 More Details
    Jerusalem: The Saga of the Holy City
Avi-Yonah, Michael ; Amiran, David H. K. ; Rothschild, Julius Jotham ; Meyer, H. M. Z. / Mazar, Benjamin [Intr.] 1954 The Universitas-Publishers $47.37 More Details
    Crown Colony or National Homeland? British Influence upon Palestine, 1917-1930- a Geo-Historical Analysis [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH ABSTRACT].
Biger, Gideon 1983 Yad Izhak Ben Zvi $12.63 More Details
    Notes on the Bedouins (II): Relations between Bedouins and settled populations [IN HEBREW]
Midrashat Sde-Boker Field Studies School $11.84 More Details
  Die Mosaikkarte von Madeba - Teil I: Tafelband.
Donner, Herbert; Cüppers, Heinz 1977 Harrassowitz Verlag $75.00 More Details
  Origins of the European Economy: Communications and Commerce AD 300-900.
McCormick, Michael 2005 Cambridge University Press $115.00 More Details
    Settlements and Cult Sites on Mount Hermon, Israel: Ituraean Culture in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods [Iturean] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
Dar, Shimon [Shim`on] 1993 Tempus Reparatum $40.00 More Details
    The Architecture of the Kariye Camii in Istanbul
Ousterhout, Robert G. 1987 Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection $42.00 More Details
    Caesarea Papers: Straton`s Tower, Herod`s Harbour, and Roman and Byzantine Caesarea.
Vann, Robert Lindley [Ed.] 1992 Journal of Roman Archaeology $30.00 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 804) 

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