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  La Locution : Entre Lexique, Syntaxe et Pragmatique - Identification en corpus, traitement, apprentissage.
Fiala, Pierre; Lafon, Pierre; Piguet, Marie-France [Eds.] / Bannett, P.; Cortès, C.; Fotopoulou, A.; Léon, J.; Blanco, X; Durin, J.; et al. 1997 Klincksieck $120.00 More Details
  Grammatik der Deutschen Sprache: Lautlehre, Rechtschreibung, Wortbildung
Weissberg, Josef 1968 At the Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $20.31 More Details
  The Syntax of Relative Clauses.
Alexiadou, Artemis; Law, Paul; Meinunger, André; Wilder, Chris [Eds.] / Bianchi, V.; Grosu, A.; Kornfilt, J.; Mahajan, A.; et al. 2000 John Benjamins Publishing Company $120.00 More Details
  Kalam-i Urdu
Jafari, Muhammad Yusuf; Phillott, D. C. [Eds.] 1908 Percy Lund, Humphries $40.00 More Details
  Dictionary of Welding Terms: Hebrew-English-French-German
1960 The Academy of the Hebrew Language / Technion $14.06 More Details
  Eros, Liebe und Zuneigung in der Indogermania: Akten des Symposiums zur indogermanischen Kultur- und Altertumskunde in Graz (29.-30. September 1994).
Ofitsch, Michaela [Ed.] / 1997 Leykam $240.00 More Details
  A Historical Syntax of Late Middle Indo-Aryan (Apabhramsa).
Bubenik, Vit 1998 John Benjamins Publishing Company $120.00 More Details
  Epistemic Modality, Language, and Conceptualization: a cognitive-pragmatic perspective.
Nuyts, Jan 2001 John Benjamins Publishing Company $120.00 More Details
  200 Years of Syntax: a critical survey [two hundred].
Graffi, Giorgio 2001 John Benjamins Publishing Company $145.00 More Details
  Grammar of The Pasto [Pashto; Pukhto, Pakhto; Pushto; Pushtoo; Pathani] or language of the Afghans, compared with the Iranian and North-Indian Idioms by Dr. Ernest Trumpp.
Trumpp, Ernest [Ernst] 1873 Messrs. Trübner & Co. / J. J. Heckenhauer $240.00 More Details
  Algemene Nederlandse Spraakkunst
Geerts, G. ; Haeseryn W. ; de Rooij, J. ; van den Toorn, M.C. [Ed.] 1987 Wolters-Noordhoff Groningen \ Wolters Leuven $25.00 More Details
  Indo-Aryan from the Vedas to modern times.
Bloch, Jules / Master, Alfred [Tr.&Ed.] 1965 Librairie d`Amérique et d`Orient $240.00 More Details
  Berliner Indologische Studien [BIS] - Band 13/14, 2000.
Falk, Harry; Flügel, P.; Khokhlova, L.; Nespital, Helmut; Sänger, A.; Schmidt, R.L.; Strauch, I.; Zakharyin, B.; Bruhn, K.; Gail, A.; et al 2000 Dr. Inge Wezler, Verlag für Orientalistische Fachpublikationen $120.00 More Details
  Hebrew The Eternal Language [IN HEBREW]
Chomsky, William 1967 Rubin Mass $14.06 More Details
  Reconstructing Languages and Cultures.
Polomé, Edgar Charles; Winter, Werner [Eds.] / Lehmann, Winfred; Mithun, Marianne; Puhvel, Jaan; Watkins, Calvert; Cardona, George; et al. 1992 Mouton de Gruyter $240.00 More Details
  Vedic Studies - a collection of the research papers of Prof. Dr. Raghu Vira.
Vira, Raghu / Ram, Sadhu; Chowdhury, Tarapada; Oertel, Hanns; Renou, Louis 1981 Published by Mrs. Sharada Rani $240.00 More Details
  Content, Expression and Structure - Studies in Danish functional grammar.
Engberg-Pedersen, Elisabeth; Fortescue, Michaele; Harder, Peter; Heltoft, Lars; Falster Jakobsen, Lisbeth [Eds.] / Herslund, M.; et al. 1996 John Benjamins Publishing Co. $95.00 More Details
  Scripta Hierosolymitana : Egyptological Studies : Volume XXVIII
Israelit-Groll, Sarah [Ed.] 1982 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $55.00 More Details
  A Comparative Grammer of the Modern Aryan Languages of India : To wit, Hindi, Panjabi, Sindhai, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya, and Bangali
Beames, John 1966 Munshiram Manoharlal \ Trubner & Co. $30.00 More Details
  The Personal Pronouns in the Germanic Languages: A Study of Personal Pronoun Morphology and Change in the Germanic Languages from the First Records to the Present Day.
Howe, Stephen 1996 Walter de Gruyter $110.00 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 1328) 

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