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Author Year Publication name Price Action
  La Divina Commedia / La Dia Komedio [IN ITALIAN AND ESPERANTO]
Dante Alighieri / Peterlongo, Giovanni [Ed.] / Botticelli, Sandro [Illustrations] 1963 Edizione Siei $48.65 More Details
  Keilschrifturkunden aus Boghazköi: Heft XLIV [THIS VOLUME ONLY]
Klengel, Horst 1973 Akademie-Verlag $25.00 More Details
  Keilschrifturkunden aus Boghazköi: Heft XLII [THIS VOLUME ONLY]
Freydank, Helmut 1971 Akademie-Verlag $25.00 More Details
  Early History of the Alphabet: An Introduction to West Semitic Epigraphy and Palaeography
Naveh, Joseph 1982 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem / E.J. Brill $30.00 More Details
  Language, Thought, Society: In Memoriam Yehoshua Bar-Hillel [IN HEBREW]
Melzer, Yehuda [Ed.] 1978 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem $14.86 More Details
  A History of the Hebrew Language
Kutscher, Eduard Yechezkel [Edward] / Kutscher, Raphael [Ed.] 1982 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem / E. J. Brill $145.00 More Details
  Maskilon I: Vern-Roots Dictionary, Hebrew-English-Russian with verb-conjugations tables
Solomonick, Abraham; Morrison, David [Eds.] 2000 Gefen $25.68 More Details
  A Dictionary of the Targumim, The Talmud Babli [Bavli] and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature [TWO VOLUME SET]
Jastrow, Marcus [Ed.] 1950 Pardes Publishing $37.84 More Details
  Meaning and Use: Papers Presented at the Second Jerusalem Philosophical Encounter April 1976.
Margalit, Avishai [Ed.] 1979 D. Reidel Publishing Company / The Magness Press, The Hebrew University $20.00 More Details
  Hethitisches Wörterbuch: Kurzgefasste kritische Sammlung der Deutungen Hethitischer Wörter
Friedrich, Johannes 1957 Carl Winter Universitätsverlag $15.00 More Details
  The Words not Taken: A Dictionary of Forgotten Words [IN HEBREW]
Ornan, Uzzi ND The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem / Schocken $25.68 More Details
Sabre Deutsch - Das Lexikon der Jeckes
Carmel, Nurit [Ed.] 2012 [Yedioth Aharonoth] $17.57 More Details
A Hebrew Dictionary of Linguistics and Philology [IN HEBREW]
Rodrigue-Schwarzwald, Ora; Sokoloff, Michael 1992 Reches $17.57 More Details
Linguistic Studies: Collected Papers in Hebrew and Semitic Languages [IN HEBREW]
Rabin, Haim 1999 The Bialik Institute / The Academy of the Hebrew Language $14.86 More Details
Dictionnaire Ouzbek-Francais
Balci, Bayram ; Ibraguimov, Khoudaikoul ; Mansourov, Ouloughbek S. ; Uhres, Johann 2001 Langues Mondes: L`asiatheque $18.00 More Details
Beginning Hiri Motu.
Dutton, T. E. [Thomas Edward] / Voorhoeve, C. L. 1974 Department of Linguistics, Research School of Pacific Studies - The Australian National University $120.00 More Details
Yiddish-English Dictionary / English-Yiddish Dictionary
Harkavy, Alexander Hebrew Publishing Company $30.00 More Details
College Yiddish: An Introduction to the Yiddish Language and to Jewish Life and Culture
Weinreich, Uriel / Jakobson, Roman [Intr.] 1979 YIVO Institute for Yiddish Research $25.00 More Details
The Testament of Levi: a First Study of the Armenian MSS of the Testaments of the XII [12 Twelve] Patriarchs in the Convent of St. James, Jerusalem [PARTLY IN ARMENIAN]
Stone, Michael E. [Tr.&Ed.] 1969 St. James Press $20.00 More Details
Dictionary of Diplomatic Terminology
1999 The academy of the Hebrew Language $12.16 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 1271) 

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