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Author Year Publication name Price Action
Cholawski, Shalom 2001 Yad Vashem \ Moreshet - The Mordechai Anielevich Memorial Research and Studies Center $17.57 More Details
Exile in Great Britain: Refugees from Hitler`s Germany
Hirschfeld, Gerhard 1984 Berg Publishers / Humanities Press $25.00 More Details
Liber Testamentorum Ecclesiae Ovetensis [El Libro de los testamentos de la catedral de Oviedo] [COMMENTARY VOLUME ONLY]
Rodriguez Diaz, Elena E. [Esperanza] / Sanz Fuentes, Maria Josefa / Luaces, Joaquin Yarza / Vallina, Emiliano Fernandez 1995 [1994] M. Moleiro Editor, S. A. $240.00 More Details
Persecuted Art & [and] Artists Under Totalitarian Regimes in Europe During the 20th Century
Bar-Gera, Kenda ; Zemter, Wolfgang [Eds.] 2003 Druckverlag Kettler $45.00 More Details
The Origins of The Inquisition in Fifteenth [15th] Century Spain [SIGNED BY AUTHOR with dedication]
Netanyahu, B. [Benzion] 1995 Random House $155.00 More Details
Traditions of Intolerance: Historical Perspectives on Fascism and Race Discourse in Britain
Kushner, Tony; Lunn, Kenneth [Eds.] 1989 Manchester University Press $45.00 More Details
Diary from the Years of Occupation, 1939-1944
Klukowski, Zygmunt / Klukowski, George [Tr.] / Klukowski, Andrew; Klukowski May, Helen [Eds.] 1993 University of Illinois Press $55.00 More Details
The Knights Hospitallers in the Holy Land
King, E. J. [Edwin James] 1931 Methuen & Co. $60.00 More Details
Religion in the Middle East : Three Religions in Concord and Conflict [TWO VOLUME SET]
Arberry, A. J. [Arthur John]; Rosenthal, Erwin Isak Jakob; Warren, Max Alexander Cunningham; Beckingham, Charles Fraser [Eds.] 1969 Cambridge University Press $55.00 More Details
An Account of the Work of the Friends Committee for Refugees and Aliens, First Known as the Germany Emergency Committee of the Society of Friends 1933-1950
Darton, Lawrence 1954 Issued by the Friends Committee for Refugees and Aliens $240.00 More Details
Traite des Blanches et Prostitution: 200 Photographies et Documents.
Drach, Frederic; Legrand-Falco, Marcelle; Allard, Paul; Roberti, Jacques; Soupault, Philippe; Simenon, Georges; Nevers, Maria; et al. 1933 Societe Anonyme "Les Illustres Francais" $65.00 More Details
The Jews of Angevin England : Documents and Records from Latin and Hebrew Sources Printed and Manuscript, for the First Time Collected and Translated.
Jacobs, Joseph 1893 David Nutt $65.00 More Details
Dynaton [DYN] - 1951 [SIGNED BY WOLFGANG PAALEN with dedication]
Johnson, Jacqueline ; Mullican, Lee ; Onslow-Ford, Gordon ; Paalen, Wolfgang 1951 San Francisco Museum of Art / Greenwood Press $165.00 More Details
The Eastern Question - An Historical Study in European Diplomacy
Marriott, J. A. R. [John Arthur Ransome] 1940 The Clarendon Press $20.00 More Details
Das Ende Alteuropas: der Einfall von Steppennomaden aus Südrussland und die Indogermanisierung Mitteleuropas.
Gimbutas, Marija / Seissl, Maria; Meid, Wolfgang [Tr.] / Jerem, Erzsebet; Meid, Wolfgang [Eds.] 1994 Archaeolingua $40.00 More Details
Old English: A Historical Linguistic Companion
Lass, Roger 1995 Cambridge University Press $30.00 More Details
Konstantinopel, Balkanstaaten, Kleinasien, Archipel, Cypern [Istanbul, Zypern].
Baedeker, Karl 1914 Verlag von Karl Baedeker $135.00 More Details
The Eastern Question, 1774-1923: A Study in International Relations
Anderson, M. S. [Matthew Smith] 1966 Macmillan / St Martin`s Press $30.00 More Details
Türkei, Rumänien, Serbien, Bulgarien: Sechste Auflage. Mit 10 Karten, 30 Plänen und Grundrissen, 1 Panorama und 2 Abbildungen.
Mühl, K. [Karl] [Ed.] 1902 Bibliographisches Institut $45.00 More Details
Britain`s Routes To India :British projects in 1834-1872 for linking the Mediterranean with the Persian Gulf by steam navigation on the Euphrates and by Euphrates valley railway [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]
Elath, Eliahu 1971 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $14.86 More Details

Showing books 41 to 60 (of 517) 

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