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Author Year Publication name Price Action
  Openness and Insularity: Late Sixteenth Century Jewish Literature in Poland and Ashkenaz [16th] [IN HEBREW]
Elbaum, Jacob 1990 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $20.83 More Details
  Das Buch Jirmejah [Sefer Yirmiyah; Jeremia]
Breuer, Joseph [Ed.] 1914 Verlag von Sänger & Friedberg $75.00 More Details
  Hohme fun Yiddishn Qual [IN YIDDISH AND HEBREW]
Steinberg, Israel 1962 Publishing-House I. L. Peretz $18.06 More Details
  The Oldest Translation of the Early Prophets into Judaeo-Arabic [IN JUDEO-ARABIC AND HEBREW]
Avishur, Yitzhak 1995 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $12.50 More Details
  The Legends of the Jews [6 OUT OF 7 VOLUMES. VOLUME 4 MISSING]
Ginzberg, Louis / Szold, Henrietta [Tr.] 1913 / 1946 / 1947 The Jewish Publication Society of America $85.00 More Details
Friedman, Mordechai [Ed.] 1991 Tel-Aviv University \ University Publishing Projects $13.33 More Details
  "Rashi" on the Pentateuch - Genesis.
Lowe, James [Ed.&Tr.] / Rashi [Yitzchaki, Shlomo; Salomon Isaacides; Schlomo Jizchaki; Raschi; Rachi; ben Itzhak HaTzarfati] 1928 The Hebrew Compendium $25.00 More Details
  Insights in the Torah: Devarim.
Sorotzkin, Zalman / Lavon, Yaakov [Tr.] 1994 Mesorah Publications $35.00 More Details
  The Visions of Zechariah: From Prophecy to Apocalyptic [MOSTLY IN HEBREW]
Uffenheimer, Benjamin 1961 The Israel Society for Biblical Research & "Kiryat Sepher" $23.61 More Details
  Register zu Nepi-Ghirondi / Catalogue de la Bibliotheque Hebraique de feu Monsieur Chananuel Neppo [IN HEBREW]
Löwenstein, L. [Leopold] 1915 J. Kauffmann $33.33 More Details
  De Misjna Hebreeuwsche Gepunctueerde Tekst met Vertaling, Verklaring en Inleidingen in het Nederlands : Baba-Kamma / Baba-Metsia [THIS VOLUME ONLY]
Hammelburg, S. 1990 Nederlands-Israelietisch Kerkgenootschap $25.00 More Details
  De Misjna Hebreeuwsche Gepunctueerde Tekst met Vertaling, Verklaring en Inleidingen in het Nederlandsch : Deel II- Seder Moed [THIS VOLUME ONLY]
Hammelburg, S. 1977 E. Mozes Azn. $30.00 More Details
  De Misjna Hebreeuwsche Gepunctueerde Tekst met Vertaling, Verklaring en Inleidingen in het Nederlands : Deel III- Seder Nasjiem [THIS VOLUME ONLY]
Hammelburg, S. 1987 Nederlands-Israelietisch Kerkgenootschap $30.00 More Details
  Joannis Buxtorfii P. Lexicon Chaldaicum, Talmudicum et Rabbinicum [TWO VOLUME SET]
Buxtorf, Johannes [Joannis Buxtorfii P.; Joanne Buxtorfio Filio; the Younger] / Fischer, Bernard [Fischerus, Bernardus] [Ed.] 1875 Impensis Mauritii Schaeferi $95.00 More Details
Melanges de Philosophie : Juive et Arabe.
Munk, S. [Salomon] 1955 Librairie Philosophique J. Vrin $30.00 More Details
Kalender für Israeliten für das Jahr 5656 = 1895/96 zugleich Führer durch die Israel. Cultusgemeinden in Oesterreich-Ungarn
1895 IV. Jahrgang $20.00 More Details
The Religion of Israel: From Its Beginnings to the Babylonian Exile
Kaufmann, Yehezkel / Greenberg, Moshe [Tr. & Ed.] 1972 Schocken $45.00 More Details
Stories of the Sages: Selected, Translated and Annotated From Sefer Ha-Aggadah: The Book of Jewish Folklore and Legend
Bialik, H. N. ; Rawnitzky, Y. H. / Pearl, Chaim [Tr.&Ed.] 1991 Dvir $35.00 More Details
The Daughters Victorious: A Dramatization of the Torah Story of the Daughters of Zelaphchad, Based on Teachings from the Talmud and Midrash [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]
Wexler, Shlomo (Stanley) ND Gefen $22.00 More Details
The Handbook of Jewish Thought [TWO VOLUME SET]
Kaplan, Aryeh ND Manzim Publishing Corporation $50.00 More Details

Showing books 21 to 40 (of 2900) 

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