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Author Year Publication name Price Action
    Gedenkbuch für Moses Mendelssohn, 1729-1929.
Bergmann, J.; Bernfeld, S.; Elbogen, Ismar; Freudenthal, Max; Hirschberg, Leopold; Lewkowitz, A.; Michaelis, P.; Rosenzweig, Franz; et al. 1929 Verlag von M. Poppelauer $18.00 More Details
    The Kosher Code of the Orthodox Jew
Levin, S. I.; Boyden, Edward A. 1969 Hermon Press $25.00 More Details
    The "Crown Rabbinate" in Russia: A Chapter in the Cultural Struggle Between Orthodox Jews and "Maskilim" [HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY]
Shochat, Azriel 1975 The University of Haifa $17.11 More Details
    Modern Jewish Studies: Historical and Philosophical perspectives [IN HEBREW].
Mendes-Flohr, Paul R. [Ed.] 1979 The Zalman Shazar Center $17.11 More Details
Levias, Caspar \ Sokoloff, Michael [Intr.] 1986 The Jewish Theological Seminary of America $11.84 More Details
  Befestigung im Glauben von Rabbi Jizchak, Sohn Abrahams [Isaak ben Abraham Troki] [Sefer Hizuk emunah] [IN HEBREW AND GERMAN].
Rabbi Jizchak Sohn Abrahams s. A. [Isaak ben Abraham of Troki; Isaac; Trakai]; Deutsch, David [Tr.&Ed.] 1873 Selbstverlag des Herausgebers / Commissionsverlag von H. Skutsch $65.00 More Details
    The Maggid of Dubno and his Parables
Heineman, Benno [Heinemann] / [Dubner Maggid; Jacob ben Wolf Kranz of Dubno] 1967 Philip Feldheim $20.00 More Details
    Life At All Costs?: Or Euthanasia and Medical Ethics in Jewish Thought and in Philosophy [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH ABSTRACT]
Hochhoizer, Rivka 1992 Almsrk $11.84 More Details
    Studies in Shemot - The Book of Exodus- [TWO VOLUME SET]
Leibowitz, Nehama 1976 The World Zionist Organization, Department for Torah Education and Culture in the Diaspora $48.00 More Details
    Religion Law between Eternity and Change: On the Dynamism of Jewish Law in Jewish Thought and on Jewish, Christian and Muslim Attitudes towards Legal Change [IN HEBREW]
Falk, Ze`ev W. [Zeev] 1986 Mesharim $17.11 More Details
    Ethique du Jubile: Vers une Reparation du Monde?
Halperin, Jean; Hansson, Nelly [Eds.] 2004 Albin Michel $20.00 More Details
    Le Zohar chez le Kabbalistes Chretiens de la Renaissance.
Secret, Francois 1958 Librairie Durlacher $30.00 More Details
    Miqraey Qodesh: The Torah and its Cantillation - Book of Shelomo Rosovsky [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY].
Zeitlin, Shneur Zalman ; Bar Dayan, Haim 1977 Orient and Occident $31.58 More Details
    Kol Sarah: Collection of Torah Thoughts on the Sedrah of the Week
Weintraub, Sarah [Rebbetzin] 1994 Published by the Author`s Family $20.00 More Details
    Torah: Through a Zionist Vision [TWO VOLUME SET].
Feder, Avraham 2008 Gefen Publishing House $25.00 More Details
  Maaser Kesafim: On Giving a Tenth to Charity [ENGLISH WITH HEBREW SECTION].
Domb, Cyril [Ed.] / Feuchtwanger, O. ; Goldstein, G. ; Homburger, A. N. ; Rossdale, P. S. A.; et al. 1982 Feldheim Publishers / Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists $25.00 More Details
    Sheairith Yisrael Complete: The Second Volume of Josiphon [IN HEBREW].
Hacohen, Joseph ben Gorion / Hominer, Hayim [Ed.] 1964 Hominer $17.11 More Details
    Roman Palestine 200-400 - the Land: Crisis and Change in Agrarian Society as reflected in Rabbinic Sources.
Sperber, Daniel 1978 Bar-Ilan University $25.00 More Details
    Wir Juden
Prinz, Joachim 1934 Erich Reiss $20.00 More Details
    The Extra-Biblical Tradition of Hebrew Personal Names: From the First Temple Period to the end of the Talmudic Period [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY].
Ohana, M. ; Heltzer, M. 1978 University of Haifa $12.63 More Details

Showing books 21 to 40 (of 2987) 

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