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Author Year Publication name Price Action
  Depiction and Interpretation: The Influence of the Holocaust on the Visual Arts
Amishai-Maisels, Ziva 1993 Pergamon Press $280.00 More Details
  Images from the Bible : The Paintings of Shalom of Safed ; the Words of Elie Wiesel
Wiesel, Elie / Shalom of Safed [Illus.] / Doron, Daniel [Intr.] 1980 The Overlook Press $33.33 More Details
  The Stetl of Moshe Bernstein
Bernstein, Moshe \ Basok, Ch. M. \ Goren, Nurit [Tr.] \ Klonsky, E. [Ed.] 1986 Yuval Publishers $33.33 More Details
  Kunst und Kinstler [IN YIDDISH]
Rodak, Abraham 1955 $20.00 More Details
  Ex Context
Tolkovsky, Zvi 2013 Carmel $18.06 More Details
  Rubin - My Life, My Art : An Autobiography and Selected Paintings [LIMITED EDITION OF 200 COPIES SIGNED BY REUVEN RUBIN].
Rubin, Reuven / Gamzu, Haim [Intr.] / Zim, Jacob [Design] 1961 Sabar Books / Funk & Wagnalls $180.00 More Details
  Ancient Textiles of Peru: 1000 BCE - 1500 CE
Benzoor, Nina [Ed.] 1988 Haifa Museum of Music and Ethnology $18.06 More Details
  Geula Dagan: Paintings - From the 50s to the 80s [SIGNED BY ARTIST]
Dagan, Geula 1984 $38.89 More Details
  The Art of Yankel Ginzburg [SIGNED BY ARTIST]
Ginzburg, Yankel 1975 Society of Art Collectors $35.00 More Details
  Dan Rubinstein : Graphik - Graphics - Graphique [SIGNED BY ARTIST]
Rubinstein, Dan ; Bendkower, Sigmund ; Gradenwitz, Peter ; Menuhin, Yehudi 1985 Freiburg $26.39 More Details
  The Stetl of Moshe Bernstein [SIGNED BY ARTIST & AUTHOR]
Bernstein, Moshe \ Basok, Ch. M. \ Goren, Nurit [Tr.] \ Klonsky, E. [Ed.] 1986 Yuval Publishers $35.00 More Details
  Bak : Paintings of the Last Decade / Artistic Development - The Metaphysical Works / Conversation with the Artist [SIGNED BY SAMUEL BAK]
Bak, [Samuel] ; Nagano, Paul T. ; Kaufman, A. 1974 Aberbach Fine Art $45.00 More Details
  Phantoms of the Imagination : Fantasy in Art and Literature from Blake to Dali
Hamacher, A. M. \ Langham, Tony ; Peters, Plym [Trs.] 1981 Harry N. Abrams, Publishers $25.00 More Details
Yosl Bergner: Paintings to Franz Kafka
Bergner, Yosl [Yosel] / Rübner, Tuvia [Intr.] / Aloni, Nissim / Kafka, Franz / Muir, Willa and Edwin [Trs.] 1990 Shva Publishers $95.00 More Details
Poster Design.
Eckersley, Tom 1954 The Studio Publications $30.00 More Details
Reich der Dämonen : Eine Einführung in die Surrealistische Kunst.
ND Woldemar Klein Verlag $25.00 More Details
Masterpieces of Jewish Art: Silver
Kantsedikas, A.; Volkovinskaya, Y.; Romanovskaya, T. [Eds.] Image $30.00 More Details
Along the Way : Selected Poems [IN HEBREW]
Pen, Alexander \ Knispel, Gershon [Illustrations] 1956 Mada V`Chaim $50.00 More Details
Georg Flegel 1566-1638 : Stilleben [SIGNED BY EDITOR]
Flegel, Georg \ Wettengl, Kurt [Ed.] 1993 Historiche Museum Franfurt \ Schrin Kunsthalle Frankfurt \ Verlag Gerd Hatje $30.00 More Details
Moshe Mokady
Mokady, Moshe \ Fischer, Yona ; Hadar, Irith [Eds.] 1999 Moshe Mokady Foundation \ Tel Aviv Museum of Art $30.00 More Details

Showing books 21 to 40 (of 2177) 

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