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Safad`s Charms
Yehoshua, B. [Ed.] ND Municipality of Safad $13.24 More Details
Die Bildung des Begriffes Hasid - I [THIS VOLUME ONLY]
Gulkowitsch, Lazar 1935 Tartu Ulikooli Juuditeaduse Seminari Toimetused $30.00 More Details
Through a Speculum that Shines: Vision and Imagination Medieval Jewish-Mysticism
Wolfson, Elliot R. 1994 Princeton University Press $35.00 More Details
Hebrew Amulets - Their Decipherment and Interpretation [RARE FIRST EDITION].
Schrire, T. [Theodore] 1966 Routledge & Kegan Paul $110.00 More Details
The Book of Formation (Sepher Yetzirah)
Akiba ben Joseph [Rabbi Akiva] / Stenring, Knut [Tr.] / Waite, Arthur Edward [Intr.] 1970 Ktav Publishing House $45.00 More Details
Dialogue with Deviance: The Hasidic Ethic and the Theory of Social-Contraction [IN HEBREW]
Rotenberg, Mordechai $14.12 More Details
Studies in Mysticism and Religion: Presented to Gershom G. Scholem on his Seventieth Birthday by Pupils, Colleagues and Friends
Urbach, E. E.; Werblowsky, R. J. Zwi; Wirszubski, CH. [Eds.] 1967 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $70.59 More Details
The Messiah of Izmir: Three Centuries of Shabbatism [Sabbatianism] [IN HEBREW] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]
Spiwak, Isaac 1967 Rubin Mass $19.12 More Details
Lamed Vav: a Collection of the Favourite Stories of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach Ztz`l
Carlebach, Shlomo / Midlo, Tzlotana Barbara [Ed.] 2005 Israel Book Shop $30.00 More Details
L`Homme au Raifort et Autres Recits Hassidiques.
Buber, Martin / Guerne, Armel [Tr.] / Menard, Diane [Ed.] 1998 Editions, du Rocher $20.00 More Details
Die Kabbalah auf ihrem Höhepunkt und ihre Meister.
Bloch, Philipp 1905 Adolf Alkalay & Sohn $30.00 More Details
La Clef du Zohar: Eclaircissement et unification complete des Mysteres de la Kabbale.
Jounet, Albert 1909 Bibliotheque Chacornac $95.00 More Details
The Five Books of Moses: with Peneenay Hachassidut Commentary [FIVE VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW] [SIGNED BY EDITOR]
Kowalsky, Sholem B.; Fajgenbaum, Yitzchak; Porush, Sh. Ch. [Eds.] 1989 / 1977 / 1980 / 1992 Agudath Pneenay Hachassidut $70.59 More Details
Lithuanian Hasidism
Rabinowitsch, Wolf Zeev / Dubnow, Simon [Foreword] 1971 Schocken Books $20.00 More Details
Sabbatai Sevi: The Mystical Messiah, 1626-1676.
Scholem, Gershom 1973 Princeton University Press $30.00 More Details
Die Entwicklung der Emanationslehre in der Kabbala des XIII. Jahrhunderts.
Ehrenpreis, Marcus 1895 J. Kauffmann`sche Buchhandlung $45.00 More Details
Geschichte des Chassidismus [TWO VOLUME SET]
Dubnow, Simon / Steinberg, A. [Trans.] 1969 The Jewish Publishing House $65.00 More Details
3 Enoch or The Hebrew Book of Enoch.
Odeberg, Hugo / Greenfield, Jonas C. [Intr.] 1973 Ktav Publishing House $240.00 More Details
Benedictus de Spinoza: Mystiker der Immanenz.
Freeman, Henry ; Retter-Teva, Abraham 1971 Ilse Freeman and Abraham Retter-T $25.00 More Details
The Twelve Dimensions of Israel
Nadborny, Nechama Sarah G. [1995] Ya`alat Chein $25.00 More Details

Showing books 41 to 60 (of 302) 

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