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Author Year Publication name Price Action
    Témoignages sur Israël
Kaplan, Jacob 1949 Regain $20.00 More Details
    Rejoice o Youth!: An Integrated Jewish Ideology
Miller, Avigdor 1962 $35.00 More Details
  Isaac Abravanel: Six Lectures
Gaster, M.; Strauss, L.; Goodman, Paul; Rabinowitz, L.; Llubera, I. G.; Milburn, A. R. / Loewe, H. [Ed. & Intr.] / Trend, J. B. [Ed.] 1937 At the University Press $95.00 More Details
    Judisches Lexikon: Ein enzyklopädisches Handbuch des jüdischen Wissens [FIVE VOLUME SET]
Herlitz, Georg; Kirschner, Bruno [Eds.] 1927-1930 Jüdischer Verlag $120.00 More Details
    Otzar ha-Gaonim: Thesaurus of the Gaonic Responsa and Commentaries, Following the Order of the Talmudic Tractates [IN HEBREW] [VOLUMES 1-12]
Lewin, B. [Ed.] [1983/4] $141.18 More Details
    Moses Mendelssohn`s Schriften zur Philosophie, Aesthetik und Apologetik - Erster Band: Schriften zur Metaphysik und Ethik, sowie zur Religionsphilosophie [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
Mendelssohn, Moses / Brasch, Moritz [Ed.] 1881 Leopold Voss $75.00 More Details
  Introduction aux Devoirs des Coeurs [Cœurs]
Bahya ibn Paquda [ben Joseph ibn Pakuda] / Chouraqui, André [Tr. & Intr.] / Maritain, Jacques [Preface] ND [1950] Desclée de Brouwer $45.00 More Details
  The Philosophy of Solomon Ibn Gabirol [IN HEBREW]
Solomon Ibn Gabirol / Schlanger, Jacques / Ur, Joseph [Tr.] 1979 The Magnes Press / The Hebrew University $16.18 More Details
  Die jüdische Bewegung: Gesammelte Aufsätze und Ansprachen [TWO VOLUME SET].
Buber, Martin 1920 Jüdischer Verlag $45.00 More Details
  Mishneh Torah: Book I - Sefer ha-Mada, With a Comprehensive Commentary - [VOL. I+II] [IN HEBREW]
Maimonides [Mosheh ben Maimon; RaMBaM] / L. Rabinovitch, Nachum [Annotation] 1990 Maaliyot Press $35.29 More Details
  Mishneh Torah: Book II - Sefer Ahavah, A Comprehensive Commentary [IN HEBREW]
Maimonides [Mosheh ben Maimon; RaMBaM] / L. Rabinovitch, Nachum [Annotation] 1984 $19.12 More Details
  Die jüdische Bewegung: Gesammelte Aufsätze und Ansprachen - Erste Folge 1900-1914 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
Buber, Martin 1920 Jüdischer Verlag $15.00 More Details
  Philistine and Palestinian: The Ideological Conflict Between Israel and the Philistines in the Past and Today
Glazerson, Matityahu / Lavon, Yaakov; Fendel, Hillel [Tr.] 1994 Lev Eliyahu $30.00 More Details
  Geschichte der jüdischen Traditionslehre - Vortrag / Glauben und Wissen in Judentum / Zwischen zwei Stühlen - Nachruf zu Delitzsch` Babel und Bibel / Einst und Jetzt in der jüdischen Wissenschaft / Vom Kriegsschauplatze der Israelitischen Religionswissenschaft [FIVE BOOKLETS BOUND TOGETHER]
Marcus, Ahron / Nacht, Albert / Jampel, Sigmund 1903 / 1905 / 1899 / 1909 M. Lessmann / Siegm. Bernhard / H. Goldner / J. Kauffmann $30.00 More Details
  Religion and Knowladge: Essays and Lectures
Guttmann, Julius / Esh, Saul [Tr.] / Bergamn S. H.; Rotenstreich, N. [Ed.] 1955 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $13.24 More Details
  The Land of Israel in Medieval Jewish Thought [IN HEBREW]
Hallamish, Moshe ; Ravitzky, Aviezer [Eds.] 1991 Yad Izhak Ben Zvi $13.24 More Details
  Roeh Haorot - The prophet of Light: The song of Mankind - The song of Repentance in the writings of Rabbi A. I. Kook [IN HEBREW]
Kook, A. I. / Lifshitz, Haim [1974/1975] "Hareiya" Institute for research in the teachings of R. Abraham Isaac Kook / The Harry Fischel Institute for Research in Jewish Law $14.12 More Details
  Horeb: A Philosophy of Jewish Laws and Observances [TWO VOLUME SET]
Hirsch, Samson Raphael / Grunfeld, Isidore [Tr.] The Soncino Press $30.00 More Details
  Meditations and Halacha: A Collection of Homilies, Halachic and Scientific Essays with a Biography of the Author by Dr. Isaiah Aviad (Wolfsberg) [IN HEBREW].
Nobel, Nehemiah Zvi 1969 Mossad Harav Kook $22.06 More Details
  Fragments of a Commentaryon the Treatise Taanit by an Early Rabbinic Authority [Ha-R`a] [IN HEBREW]
Ha-R`a [Ra] / Halivni (Weiss), David 1959 Mossad Harav Kook $13.24 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 755) 

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