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    Hasidic Letters from Eretz-Israel: From the Second Part of the Eighteenth Century and the First Part of the Nineteenth Century [IN HEBREW].
Barnai, Ya`acov [Ed. ; Intro.] / Halpern, Israel [Intros.] 1980 Yad Izhak Ben Zvi $19.23 More Details
    Jens Peter Jacobsen - Gesammelte Werke [COMPLETE THREE VOLUME SET].
Jacobsen, J. P. [Jens Peter] / Herzfeld, Marie [Tr.&Intr.] / Arnold, Robert F. [Tr.] / Vogeler-Worpswede, H. [Illustr.] 1905 / 1907 / 1908 Verlegt bei Eugen Diederichs $48.00 More Details
  Judische Geschichte in Briefen aus Ost und West: Das Zeitalter der Emanzipation
Kobler, Franz 1938 Saturn $15.00 More Details
  Spinoza: Briefwisseling
Spinoza, Baruch / Akkerman, F.; Hubbeling, H. G.; Westerbrink, A. G. [Eds. & Tr.] 1977 Wereldbibliotheek $25.00 More Details
  In the Anglo-Arab Labyrinth: The McMahon-Husayn Correspondence and its Interpretations 1914-1939
Kedouri, Elie 2000 Frank Cass $35.00 More Details
  Theodor Herzl: Briefe 1903-1904.
Herzl, Theodor / Schafer, Barbara & Rubin, Ines [Eds.] 1996 Propyläen $25.00 More Details
Mendelssohn, Moses 1936 Schocken Verlag $25.00 More Details
  Within the Walls of Jerusalem: A Personal Perspective
Fogelman, Ruth 2000 Keter $25.00 More Details
  Heinrich Heine zwischen Judentum und Christentum [BILINGUAL HEBREW-GERMAN EDITION]
Dubois, Marcel; Mevorah, Barouh 1984 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem $13.31 More Details
  Jacob Bernays: Ein Lebensbild in Briefen
Bernays, Jacob / Fraenkel, Michael [Ed.] 1932 M. & H. Marcus $25.00 More Details
  Mark Sykes: His Life and Letters
Leslie, Shane / Churchill, Winston [Intro.] / Sykes, Mark [Illu.] 1923 Charles Scribner`s Sons $20.00 More Details
  In the Anglo-Arab Labyrinth: The McMahon-Husayn Correspondence and its Interpretations 1914-1939.
Kedourie, Elie 1976 Cambridge University $45.00 More Details
Rosenzweig, Franz / Simon, Ernst; Rosenzweig, Edith [Eds.] 1935 Schocken $30.00 More Details
  Briefe von Goethe an Lavater aus den Jahren 1774 bis 1783
von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; Lavater, Johann Kaspar / Hirzel, Heinrich [Ed.] 1833 Weidmann`sche Buchhandlung $30.00 More Details
  Tagebücher und Briefe [TWO VOLUME SET].
Bergman, Schmuel Hugo [Samuel] / Sambursky, Miriam [Ed.] 1985 Athenaum / Leo Baeck Instituts $35.00 More Details
  Menachem Shemi: 48 Pictures with Select Letters and Drawings [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION]
Shemi, Menachem [Artist] / Bassok, Moshe [Ed.] / Kolb, E. [Intro.] 1958 Hakibbutz Hameuchad $16.27 More Details
M. T. C. Epistolarum Familiarum. Libri quatuorpriores [quatuor priores] [Marcus Tullius Cicero] [BILINGUAL LATIN & GERMAN EDITION].
Marcus Tullius Cicero / Riccius, Stephanus [Reich, Stephan] [Tr.] 1589 [Fritsch / Apelius] $650.00 More Details
  The Chronology of the Amarna Letters: With Special Reference to the Hypothetical Coregency of Amenophis III and Akhenaten.
Campbell, Edward Fay 1964 The Johns Hopkins $18.00 More Details
  The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin [VOLUME ONE ONLY].
Darwin, Charles / Darwin, Francis [Ed.] 1896 D. Appleton & Co. $25.00 More Details
  Le Registre de Correspondance de la Communaute Juive de Lorraine - Copies des Lettres des annees 1783-1791 [IN HEBREW].
Schwarzfuchs, Simon [Ed., Intro.] 2003 The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities $19.23 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 106) 

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