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Author Year Publication name Price Action
    Outlawed Pigs: Law, Religion, and Culture in Israel
Barak-Erez, Daphne 2007 The University of Wisconsin Press $20.00 More Details
    Rabbi Joel Sirkes: His Life, Works and Times
Schochet, Elijah Judah 1971 Feldheim $25.00 More Details
  Perspectives on Maimonides: Philosophical and Historical Studies.
Kraemer, Joel L. [Ed.] / Berman, L.; Blau, J.; Blidstein, G.; Drory, J.; Ehrenkreutz, A.; Gruenwald, I.; Harvey, S.; Twersky, I.; et al. 1991 Oxford University Press $95.00 More Details
    Yesod Mora Ve-Soad Torah: The Foundation of Piety and the Secret of the Torah [IN HEBREW].
Ibn Ezra, Abraham / Cohen, Joseph ; Simon, Uriel [Eds.] 2002 Bar-Ilan University $19.12 More Details
    Introduction to the Mishneh Torah of Maimonides [IN HEBREW].
Twersky, Isadore / Lerner, M.B. [Tr.] 1991 The Magnes Press $35.29 More Details
    Studies in Jewish Philosophy and Mysticism Philosophy and Ethical Literature [IN HEBREW].
Dan, J. ; Hacker, J. [Eds.] 1986 The Magnes Press $70.59 More Details
  Theology of Ancient Judaism [IN HEBREW] [THREE VOLUME SET]
Heschel, Abraham Joshua [Heshel, Avraham Yehoshua] 1962 / 1965 / 1990 The Soncino Press / The Jewish Theological Seminary of America $125.00 More Details
    Introduction to the Code of Maimonides (Mishneh Torah).
Twersky, Isadore 1980 Yale University Press $20.00 More Details
    Livyat Hen : The Work of Creation [IN HEBREW].
Ben Avraham, Levi / Kreisel, Howard [Ed.] 2004 World Union of Jewish Studies $27.94 More Details
    Livyat Hen : The Work of the Chariot [IN HEBREW].
Ben Avraham, Levi / Kreisel, Howard [Ed.] 2013 World Union of Jewish Studies $35.29 More Details
    Repentance and Self-Flagellation in the Writings of the Sages of Germany and Poland 1348-1648 [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH ABSTRACT].
Elbaum, Jacob 1992 The Magness Press $22.06 More Details
  Kabbalistic Ritual: The Integration of Theory and Practice [IN HEBREW].
Hallamish, Moshe 2016 Idra $19.12 More Details
  Pesikta des Rab Kahana / Midrasch Mischle [TWO BOUND IN ONE].
Wünsche, Aug. 1885 Otto Schulze $30.00 More Details
  Responsa Mattanot Ba-Adam [IN HEBREW].
Boksenboim, Yacov [Ed.] 1983 The Chaim Rosenbred School of Jewish Studies, Tel-Aviv University $35.29 More Details
  The Issue of Who is a Jew: In a Historical Legal Perspective [IN HEBREW].
Minkowich, Meyer 1975 Sepher-Hermon $19.12 More Details
  Judaism - Law and Ethics
Herzog, Isaac / Herzog, Chaim [Ed.] 1974 The Soncino Press $30.00 More Details
  Jewish Law - Selected Responsa: An Anthology of Rabbinical Responsa in Civil and Criminal Law from the 11th century until 1492 [TWO VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW].
Bazak, Jacob [Ed., Intro.] 1971 / 1975 Yehoshua Orenstein, "Yavneh" $35.29 More Details
  Iggerot [IN HEBREW].
Ben Maimon, Moshe [Maimonides] / Kafih, Joseph [Trans., Ed.]] Mossad Harav Kook $13.24 More Details
  Mishneh Torah: According to Oxford ms. Huntington 219 with variants from manuscripts and early editions and provided with a comprehensive commentary - Book VII - Sefer Zeraim [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
ben Maimon, Mosheh [Maimonides] / Rabinovich, Nachum L. [COMMENTARY] 2000 Maaliot $13.24 More Details
  The Code of Maimonides - Book Ten: The Book of Cleanness [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
ben Maimon, Moses [Maimonides] / Danby, Herbert [Trans.] 1954 Yale University Press $20.00 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 592) 

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