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Author Year Publication name Price Action
    Acta: Congressus Generalis Judaeorum Regni Poloniae (1580-1764).
Halperin, Israel [Ed.] 1945 Instituti Bialikani $13.24 More Details
    Sefer Tikkun Soferim of Rabbi Itzhak Tzabah [IN HEBREW].
Tzabah, Itzhak / Lamdan, Ruth [Ed.] 2009 Tel Aviv University / The Goldstein-Goren Diaspora Research Center $19.12 More Details
    The Ketuba: Jewish Marriage Contracts Through the Ages.
Davidovitch, David / Roth, Cecil [Intro.] / Yoresh, Avigail ; Yoresh, Itshak [DESIGN] 1968 E. Lewin-Epstein $19.12 More Details
    Milestones: Essays in Jewish History - Dedicated to Zvi (Kuti) Yekutiel [IN HEBREW].
Etkes, Immanuel ; Assaf, David ; Kaplan, Yosef [Eds.] 2015 The Zalman Shazar Center for Jewish History $13.24 More Details
  Transitions in the Legal Status of the Wife in Jewish Law [IN HEBREW].
Westreich, Elimelech 2002 Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $19.12 More Details
  Menorat Ha-Maor [FOUR VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW].
Ibn Al-Nakawa, Israel / Enelow, H. G. [Ed.] 1929 / 1930 / 1931 / 1932 Bloch $141.18 More Details
  Midrash Haggado : Being A Compilation of Halakic and Haggadic Passages to the Pentatuch Taken from Ancient and Mediaeval Rabbinic Sources - Leviticus [THIS VOL. ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
Rabinowitz, E. N. 1932 The Jewish Theological Seminary of America $22.06 More Details
  The Tosefta: According to Codex Vienna, with Variants from Codex Erfurt, Genizah Mss. and Editio Princeps (Venice 1521) / Tosefta Ki-Fshutah: A Comprehensive Commentary on the Tosefta - Order Zera`im, Part I / II [THREE VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW].
Lieberman, Saul [Ed.] 1955 The Louis Rabinowitz Research Institute Rabbinics at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America $52.94 More Details
  Menorat Ha-Maor - Part 1 [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
Ibn Al-Nakawa, Israel / Enelow, H. G. [Ed.] 1929 Bloch $40.00 More Details
  Toldot Ha-Halakah [History of the Halakha; Halacha; Halakhah; Halachah; Halocho]: The Transmission and Developement of the Oral Law from its Inception to the Compilation of the Talmud - Volume I Part II: The First Commonwealth to the Time of Ezra [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
Tchernowitz, Chaim 1936 Self-published $35.29 More Details
  The Jews and the King in the Yemen [TWO VOLUME SET] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR] [IN HEBREW].
Gamliel, Shalom B. Sa`adya 1986 The Shalom Reasearch Center $27.94 More Details
  R. Eliezer Ben Hyrcanus: A Scholar Outcast.
Gilat, Yitzhak D. 1984 Bar-Ilan University $25.00 More Details
  God came from Yemen: The History of the Kabbalah in Yemen [IN HEBREW].
Yaakiv, Efraim / Bar-Asher, Meir M. 2016 Ben-Zvi Institute for the Study of Jewish Communitie in he East / Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi / The Hebrew University of Jerusalem $13.24 More Details
  `New Old Things`: Myths, Mysticism and Controversies, Philosophy and Halacha, Faith and Ritual in Jewish Thought trough the Ages [TWO VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW].
Elior, Rachel [Ed.] 2011 The Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies, The Hebrew University $47.06 More Details
  Duties of the Heart : Volume I [THIS VOLUME ONLY]
ibn Paquda, Bachya ben Joseph / Ibn Tibbon, Yehuda; Hyamson, Moses [Trans.] 1970 Feldheim $19.00 More Details
  Jubelschrift zum Neunzigsten Geburtstag.
Zunz, L. Das Curatorium Der Zunz-Stiftung $35.29 More Details
  Commentary on the Treatise Midoth \ Hanukath Ha`baith: Descriptive Analysis of the Plans of the Temple [SIGNED BY EDITOR] [IN HEBREW].
Cases, Moshe ; Ashkenazi (Tedeschi), Malchiel \ Schreiber, Abraham [Ed.] 1963 Abraham Schreiber $35.29 More Details
  The Wisdom of Ben Sira : A New Translation with Notes
Skehan, Patrick W. / Di Lella, Alexander A. [Ed.] 1987 Doublday $20.00 More Details
  Geonica: Vol. I- The Geonim and their Halakic Writings [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
Ginzberg, Louis 1968 Hermon $30.00 More Details
  Responsa, Rulings and Customs: Vol. II. [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
Ben Barukh, Meir [Maharam of Rottenburg] / Cahana, I. Z. [Ed.] 1960 Mosad Harav Kook $14.12 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 614) 

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