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  Autoemancipation [Auto-Emancipation / Selbstemanzipation] [IN DANISH]
Pinsker, Leon [Yehudah Leib; Lev Semyonovich] 1935 Udgivet af Dansk Zionistforening $65.00 More Details
    Masterpieces of Jewish Art [5 VOLUME SET].
Kantsedikas, A.; Kasovsky, G.; Volkovinskaya, Y.; Romanovskaya, T.; Doberman, D.; Yargina, Z. Image $180.00 More Details
  Stirring Times: The Russian Bund in Revolutionary Days [IN HEBREW].
Gelbard, Arye / Simonson, Shlomo [Ed.] 1987 Tel Aviv Univesity $11.84 More Details
  Zur Geschichte der Juden in Czernowitz
Sternberg, Hermann 1962 Lamen $45.00 More Details
  Bitter Legacy: Confronting the Holocaust in the USSR
Gitelman, Zvi [Ed.] 1997 Indiana University Press $25.00 More Details
  Biographical Dictionary of Jewish resistance: Jewish partisans and underground fighters in Western Soviet territory - Vol. I Part II: Letters KAPH-TAV [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH FOREWORD]
Granatstein, Yehiel; Kahanovich, Moshe 1968 Yad Vashem $12.63 More Details
Gross, S. Y. [Shmuel] & Cohen, Y. Yosef [Eds.] 1983 Beit Marmaros $197.37 More Details
  The Destruction of Romanian and Ukrainian Jews During the Antonescu Era.
Braham, Rudolph L. [Ed.] 1997 The Rosenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies Graduate Center / City University of New York / Social Science Monographs $30.00 More Details
  My Just War: The Memoir of a Jewish Red Army Soldier in World War II
Temkin, Gabriel 1998 Presidio $20.00 More Details
  War, Holocaust and Stalinism: A Documented Study of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee in the USSR.
Redlich, Shimon 1995 Harwood Academic Publishers $30.00 More Details
  1000 Yiddish Idioms and their Equivalents in English, Hebrew and Russian
Guri, Yosef 1997 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dept. of Russian and Slavic Studies $17.11 More Details
  The Emergence of the Jewish Labor Movement in Russia [IN HEBREW]
Mishkinsky, Moshe 1981 Hakibbutz Hameuchad / Tel-Aviv University $11.84 More Details
  The Modest Genius: Reb Aisel Harif [Rabbi Yehoshua Aisek ben Yehiel Shapira; Sharp Intellect]
Rafaeli, Esther 2004 Devora Publishing $65.00 More Details
  Kartuz-Breze, Our Town - Memorial Book [Byaroza; Biaroza; Beryoza; Bereza] [IN HEBREW]
1993 Organization of the Survivors of Kartuz-Breze $95.00 More Details
  Yiddish Folksongs [Folk Songs] in Russia: Photo Reproduction of the 1901 St. Petersburg Edition
Ginzburg, S. M. [Ginsburg]; Marek, P. S. / Noy, Dov [Ed.] 1991 Bar-Ilan University Press $55.00 More Details
  Letters: Volume I - 1903-1928 [THIS VOL. ONLY] [IN HEBREW]
Bar-Ilan, Meir / Katzburg, Nathaniel [ed.] 1976 Bar Ilan University $11.84 More Details
  The "Crown Rabbinate" in Russia: A Chapter in the Cultural Struggle Between Orthodox Jews and "Maskilim" [HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY]
Shochat, Azriel 1975 The University of Haifa $17.11 More Details
  Graves of Tzaddikim in Russia [Tzadikim] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]
Greenberg, Michael 1989 Shamir $24.00 More Details
  Memorial Book : Jezierzany and Surroundings [Ozeryany; Yezerzhany; Yezezhany; Yeziverzany] [IN HEBREW AND YIDDISH]
Tenenblatt, M.A. [Ed.] 1959 $75.00 More Details
Uhnow Memorial Book [Uhniv; Uchnów; Uhnów; Ugnev; Uhnov; Hivniv; Hivnev; Hovniv; Univ; Unov] [IN HEBREW AND ENGLISH]
Ortner, Natan 1981 The Uhnow Organization of Israel $120.00 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 219) 

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