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    The Horns of Hattin.
Kedar, B. Z. [Benjamin Zeev] [Ed.] / Housley, N.; Cowdrey, H.E.J.; Lyons,M.C.; Kenaan-Kedar, Nurith; Mayer, Hans Eberhard; Gal, Zvi; et al. 1992 Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi / Israel Exploration Society / Variorum $120.00 More Details
    From Feasting to Fasting, the Evolution of a Sin: Attitudes to food in late antiquity [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]
Grimm, Veronika E. 1996 Routledge $25.00 More Details
    Studies in the Text and Language of Three Syriac-Arabic Versions of the Book of Judicum with Special Reference to the Middle Arabic Elements [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]
Knutsson, Bengt 1974 E. J. Brill $20.00 More Details
    The First Crusade: The Chronicle of Fulcher of Chartres and Other Source Materials.
Peters, Edward [Ed. & Intro.] 1971 University of Pennsylvania Press $20.00 More Details
    Histoire des Empires et des Republiques, depuis le Deluge jusqu`a Jesus-Christ - Tome Cinquie`me [Cinquieme]: Macedoniens, Seconde Partie [THIS VOLUME ONLY]
Guyon, M. [l`abbe Claude Marie] 1740 $45.00 More Details
    The Calendar and its Use for Chronological Purposes [IN HEBREW].
Akavia, A. A. 1953 The Magnes Press / The Hebrew University $13.24 More Details
    Florilegium Mediaevale: Etudes offertes a Jaqueline [Jacqueline] Hamesse a l`occasion de son emeritat.
Meirinhos, Jose; Weijers, Olga [Eds.] / [Hamesse, Jacqueline] 2009 Federation Internationale des Instituts d`Etudes Medievales $30.00 More Details
  A Palestinian Syriac Lectionary: Containing Lessons from the Pentateuch, Job, Proverbs, Prophets, Acts and Epistles.
Lewis, Agnes Smith ; Nestle, Eberhard ; Gibson, Margaret D. [Eds.] 1897 C. J. Clay and Sons / Cambridge University $35.00 More Details
  Jews and Conversos at the Time of the Expulsion [HEBREW-ENGLISH EDITION]
Assis, Yom Tov ; Kaplan Yosef [Ed.] 1999 The Zalman Shazar Center for Jewish History $19.12 More Details
  El Libro de Néstor el Sacerdote.
Lasker, Daniel J.; Stroumsa, Sarah [Eds.] / del Valle Perez, Miriam; del Valle Rodriguez, Carlos [Tr.] 1998 Aben Ezra Ediciones $20.00 More Details
  From Paul to Valentinus: Christians at Rome in the First Two Centuries
Lampe, Peter / Steinhauser, Michael [Tr.] / Johnson, Marshal [Ed.] 2003 Fortress Press $20.00 More Details
  Between the Lines: Kabbalah, Christian Kabbalah and Sabbatianism [IN HEBREW].
Wirszubski, Chaim / Idel, Moshe [Ed.] 1990 The Magnes Press $19.12 More Details
  Getting Acquainted with Jewish Neighbors: A guide Book for Church School Leaders of Children
Eakin, Mildred Moody 1945 The Macmillan Company $30.00 More Details
  Between Orthodoxy and the Enlightenment: Jean-Robert Chouet and the Introduction of Cartesian Science in the Academy of Geneva
Heyd, Michael 1982 Martinus Njhoff / The Magness Press $45.00 More Details
  Gilgul : Essays on Transformation, Revolution and Permanence in the History of Religions, Dedicated to R.J. Zwi Werblowsky.
Shaked, Shaul; Shulman, David; Stroumsa, Guy [Eds.] 1987 E. J. Brill $45.00 More Details
  Aunque es de Noche - Trece Cantos en el Trescientos Noventa y Dos Aniversario de la Muerte de San Juan de la Cruz.
Alban, Laureano 1986 Edicion del Autor $30.00 More Details
  Israel: Ancient Mosaics.
Schapiro, Meyer [Preface] / Avi-Yonah, Michael [Intro.] 1960 The New York Graphic Society $42.65 More Details
Synagoge und Kirche in Ihren Anfängen
Friedländer, Moriz 1908 Georg Reimer $15.00 More Details
  Christianity and Judaism: Two Covenants
Kaufmann, Yehezkel [Kaufman, Yechezkel] / Efroymson, C.W. [Tr.] 1988 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $45.00 More Details
  The Unaccommodated Calvin: Studies in the Foundation of a Theological Tradition
Muller, Richard A. 2000 Oxford University Press $25.00 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 475) 

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