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Author Year Publication name Price Action
    The Midrash on Proverbs [THIS VOL. ONLY].
Visotzky, Burton L. [Trans.] 1992 Yale University $45.00 More Details
    Studies in : Bereshit (Genesis) / Shemot (Exodus, part I-II) / Vayikra (Leviticus, vol. I-II) / Bamidbar (Numbers) / Devarim (Deuteronomy) [VII VOL. SET].
Leibowitz, Nehama / Newman, Aryeh [Trans.] 1995 The World Zionist Organization, Department for Torah Education and Culture in the Diaspora / $110.00 More Details
    Teaching Haftarah: Background, Insights, and Strategies.
Blum Cogan, Lainie ; Weiss, Judy 2002 A.R.E. Publishing $22.00 More Details
  The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon : With the Appendix Containing the Biblicle Aramic
Brown, Francis; Driver, S.R.; Briggs, Charles A. 2000 Hendrickson $180.00 More Details
    Sockets of Fine Gold : The Kabbalah of Rabbi Shim`on Ibn Lavi [IN HEBREW]
Huss, Boaz 2000 The Magnes Press / The Hebrew University $11.84 More Details
    Rabbi Mordechai Breuer Festschrift: Collected Papers in Jewish Studies [2 VOLUME SET].
Bar-Asher, Moshe [Ed.] 1992 Academon $47.37 More Details
    Hebrew Manuscripts: From the Palatine Library, Parma
Jewish National and University Library 1985 Jewish National and University Library $19.74 More Details
    De Fem Moseboger [5 VOLUME SET].
Melchior, Bent [Tran.] 1977 / 1978 / 1980 / 1984 / 1987 Mosaike Troessamfund / Koren $140.00 More Details
    Genesis and Regeneration: Essays on Conceptions of Origins
Shaked, Shaul [Ed.] 2005 The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities $17.11 More Details
    Saadia Al-Fajjûmi`s Arabische Psalmenübersetzung und Commentar (Psalms 73-89).
Al-Fajjûmi, Saadia / Galliner, Siegfried [Ed.] 1903 M. Poppelauer $25.00 More Details
    The Prophetical Stories: The Narratives about the Prophets in the Hebrew Bible, Their Literary Types and History [Prophetic] [IN HEBREW]
Rofe, Alexander 1982 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $11.84 More Details
    The Weekly Daf: Insights and Lessons on Daf Yomi Selections
Weinbach, Mendel 2001 Targum / Feldheim $17.11 More Details
    Biblical and Canaanite Literatures: Further Studies [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
Cassuto, U. 1979 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $11.84 More Details
    Sifre on Deuteronomy [IN HEBREW].
Finkelstein, Louis 1993 Jewish Theological Seminary of America $19.74 More Details
  Commentary on Deuteronomy: Published on the Basis of a Manuscript with an Introduction, Commentary and Notes [IN HEBREW].
Michal Katz 1968 Mossad Harav Kook $17.11 More Details
  Rashi`s Commentary on the Torah: Studies in His Methodology - Volume I Units 1-6 [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
Leibowitz, Nechama ; Ahrend, Moshe 1990 The Open University of Israel $14.47 More Details
  The Embroidered Targum: The Aggadah in Targum Pseudo-Jonathan of the Pentateuch [IN HEBREW].
Shinan, Avigdor 1992 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $25.00 More Details
  Treatise on the Accentuation of the Twenty-One So-Called Prose Books of the Old Testament
Wickes, William 1887 Clarendon Press $45.00 More Details
Der Pentateuch das ist die fünf Bücher Moses / Die ersten Propheten / Die letzten Propheten / Die Hagiogaphen.
Zunz, Leopold [Yom Tov Tzuntz; Lipmann] / Arnheim, H.; Fürst, J. & Sachs, M. [Tr.] 1937 Verlag von Beit & Comp. $35.00 More Details
  A commentary on: The book of Exodus [IN HEBREW].
Cassuto, U. 1953 The Magnes Press / The Hebrew University $17.11 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 1340) 

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