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    Studies in the History of the Jewish People in Eretz Israel and in Italy [IN HEBREW]
Tamar, David 1989 Rubin Mass $35.29 More Details
  Études sur la Tradition Islamique: extraites du Tome II des Muhammedanische Studien.
Goldziher, I. [Ignác; Ignaz; Yitzhaq Yehuda] / Bercher, Léon [Tr.] 1952 Librairie d`Amérique et d`Orient, Adrien Maisonneuve $95.00 More Details
    Kevod Elohim [IN HEBREW]
Ibn Migas, Abraham / Ben-Sasson, Haim Hillel [Intro.] 1976 Jewish National & University Library Press $35.29 More Details
    Introductio in librum Talmudicum "De Samaritains" quae Illius haeresis historiam, theologian, ritus et literarum monumenta tractat. [A photocopy of the Frankfurt edition 1851] [IN HEBREW].
Kirchheim, Raphael 1851 Kedem $16.18 More Details
    Introductio in Librum Talmudicum "De Samaritanis" quea Illius Haeresis Historiam, Theologian, Ritus et Literarum Monumenta Tractat [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH FOREWORD] [FACSIMILE] [PART OF TEXT IN RASHI SCRIPT].
Luzzatto S. D. / Kirchheim, Raphael 1970 [1851] Kedem [J. Kaufmanii Bibliopolae] $19.12 More Details
    From Feasting to Fasting, the Evolution of a Sin: Attitudes to food in late antiquity [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]
Grimm, Veronika E. 1996 Routledge $25.00 More Details
    Die ungesicherte Freiheit: Essays zur menschlichen Existenz.
Heschel, Abraham Joshua / Olmesdahl, Ruth [Tr.] 1985 Neukirchener $20.00 More Details
    Ghazali on Prayer [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]
Nakamura, Kojiro 1973 The Institute of Oriental Culture - The University of Tokyo $65.00 More Details
    Judaism: A Dialogue between Cultures [IN HEBREW].
Sagi, Avi; Schwartz, Dudi; Stern, Yedidia Z. [ed.] 1999 The Hebrew University Magness Press $13.24 More Details
    R. Moshe Hayyim Luzzatto and His Writing on the Zohar - Thesis Submitted for the degree "Doctor of Philosophy" [Rabbi Mosheh Chaim; RaMCHaL; RaMHaL] [IN HEBREW]
Rubin, Zvia 1997 [Published by Author] $35.29 More Details
    Jewish Sources of the Koran
Zaoui, Andre C. 1983 Refael Haim Hacohen $19.12 More Details
    The Great Era - A comprehensive study in the position of the Jewish people, the Holy Land and the stages of redemption at this time, based on Talmudic and Rabbinic sources [IN HEBREW].
Kasher, M. [Menachem Mendel] / Rivlin, Hillel [Rabbi Hilel of Shklov] 1968 Torah Shelemah Institute $65.00 More Details
  A History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities: Parts I-V (Tractates Kelim & Ohalot) [FIVE VOLUME SET].
Neusner, Jacob / Richter Neusner, Suzanne [Illustr.] 1974 E. J. Brill $110.00 More Details
    Florilegium Mediaevale: Etudes offertes a Jaqueline [Jacqueline] Hamesse a l`occasion de son emeritat.
Meirinhos, Jose; Weijers, Olga [Eds.] / [Hamesse, Jacqueline] 2009 Federation Internationale des Instituts d`Etudes Medievales $30.00 More Details
  Ramban [Nachmanides] Commentary on the Torah [FIVE VOLUME SET].
ben Nahman, Moses [Ramban ; Nachmanides] / Chavel, Charles B. [Tr.] 1971 / 1973 / 1974 / 1975 / 1976 Shilo $75.00 More Details
Perspectives on Maimonides: Philosophical and Historical Studies.
Kraemer, Joel L. [Ed.] / Berman, L.; Blau, J.; Blidstein, G.; Drory, J.; Ehrenkreutz, A.; Gruenwald, I.; Harvey, S.; Twersky, I.; et al. 1991 Oxford University Press $95.00 More Details
  Priere, Mystique et Judaisme: Colloque de Strasbourg (10-12 septembre 1984).
Goetschel, Roland [Ed.] 1987 Presses Universitaires de France $30.00 More Details
  Das Buch Leviticus: Zweiter Halbband (Lev. XVIII - Ende) [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
Hoffmann, D. [David Zvi] 1906 M. Poppelauer $45.00 More Details
Theology of Ancient Judaism [IN HEBREW] [THREE VOLUME SET]
Heschel, Abraham Joshua [Heshel, Avraham Yehoshua] 1962 / 1965 / 1990 The Soncino Press / The Jewish Theological Seminary of America $125.00 More Details
  El Libro de Néstor el Sacerdote.
Lasker, Daniel J.; Stroumsa, Sarah [Eds.] / del Valle Perez, Miriam; del Valle Rodriguez, Carlos [Tr.] 1998 Aben Ezra Ediciones $20.00 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 852) 

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