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    Mathmatische Formelsammlung [IN GERMAN]
Wendling, E. 1944 Ernst Wurzel $20.00 More Details
  Cours de Mathématiques Supérieures - [FOUR VOLUMES BOUND IN FIVE]
Smirnov, V. [Vladimir Ivanovich ] 1970 / 1972 / 1975 Éditions Mir $180.00 More Details
    Calcul Différentiel et Intégral [TWO VOLUME SET]
Piskounov, N. 1972 Éditions Mir $45.00 More Details
    Linear Operators [THREE VOLUME SET].
Dunford, Nelson / Sschwartz, Jacob T / Bade, William G. & Bartle, Robert G. 1963 / 1971 Interscience Publishers $120.00 More Details
    Theorie des probabilites
Ventsel, H. [Helene] / Sokova, A. [Tr.] 1973 MIR $35.00 More Details
    Cours d`algebre superieure
Kurosh, A. / Franck, Leonid [Tr.] 1971 MIR $75.00 More Details
    Recueil de problemes sur la theorie des fonctions analytiques
Evgrafov, M. ; Bejanov, K. ; Sidorov, Y. ; Fedoruk, M. ; Chabounine, M. 1974 MIR $65.00 More Details
    Elements de la theorie des fonctions et de l`analyse fonctionnelle
Kolmogorov, A. ; Fomine, S. / Dragnev, Michel [Tr.] 1974 MIR $75.00 More Details
    Recueil d`exercices d`algebre superieure
Faddeev, D. ; Sominski, I. / Der-Megreditchian, Christiane [Tr.] 1972 MIR $45.00 More Details
    Symmetrie: Mit 72 Abbildungen
Weyl, Hermann / Bechtolshein, Lulu [Tr.] 1955 Birkhauser Verlag $20.00 More Details
    Normed Rings
Naimark, M. A. / Boron, Leo F. [Tr.] 1970 Wolters - Noordhoff $20.00 More Details
    Theorie des distributions.
Schwartz, Laurent 1966 Hermann $20.00 More Details
  A Course in Probability Theory
Chung, Kai Lai 2001 Academic Press [AP] $25.00 More Details
  An Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations.
Agarwal, Ravi P. ; O`Regan, Donal 2008 Springer $30.00 More Details
  A Singular Introduction to Commutative Algebra [CD-ROM INCLUDED]
Greuel, Gert-Martin ; Pfister, Gerhard 2002 Springer $25.00 More Details
  Elementary Number Theory.
Jones, Gareth A. ; Jones, J. Mary 2006 Springer $25.00 More Details
  Elements of the Differential Calculus, with Examples and Applications - A Text Book
Byerly, W. E. 1901 Ginn & Company $20.00 More Details
Encyclopédie des Sciences de la Nature / Encyclopedia of Natural Sciences [al-Mawsu`a fi `ulum al-tabi`a: tabhatu fi al-zira`a wa-al-nabat wa-al-hayawan wa-al-tayr wa-al-samak wa-al-hasarat wa-al-futur] [IN ARABIC with index/lexicon vol. IN LATIN & GREEK, FRENCH, ENGLISH, GERMAN, ITALIAN] [FOUR VOLUME SET].
Ghaleb, Edouard [Eduard; Idwar; Galib; ] [1988-1989] Dar el-Machreq sarl $410.00 More Details
  Mathematics Dictionary: English-Arabic with an Arabic Index
Ministry of Education - Amman 1975 Librairie du Liban $25.00 More Details
  Die ebenen Curven dritter Ordnung: Eine Zusammenstellung ihrer bekannteren Eigenschaften.
Durege, H. [Heinrich] 1871 B. G. Teubner $35.00 More Details

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