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Author Year Publication name Price Action
    Martin Buber: 1878-1978
Cohn, Margot; Catanne, Moshe [Ed.] 1978 Der Jüdischen National-und Universitätsbibliothek $11.84 More Details
Michelet, J. 1873 Librairie Hachette $20.00 More Details
  The Ethics of Exodus.
Engelberg, Abba 2016 Kodesh Press $22.00 More Details
  Maïmonide et la Mystique Juive [Maimonide] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
Idel, Moshe / Mopsik, Charles [Tr.] 1991 Les Editions du Cerf $18.00 More Details
  The Path of the Spirit: The Eliezer Schweid Jubilee Volume [2 VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW].
Amir, Yehoyada [Ed.] 2005 Department of Jewish Thought / The Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem $31.58 More Details
  Jean-Paul Sartre und Martin Buber: Eine vergleichende Betrachtung von Existentialismus und Dialogik.
Goldstein, Walter B. 1965 Rubin Mass $25.00 More Details
  The Commandments: Sefer Ha-Mitzvoth of Maimonides [Sefer Hamitzvot; Rambam; Rabbi Moses ben Maimon] [2 VOLUME SET].
Moses Maimonides [Mosheh ben Maimon; Rambam] / Chavel, Charles B. [Tr.] 1967 The Soncino Press $31.58 More Details
  Martin Buber: A Bibliography of his Writings, 1897-1978
Cohn, Margot ; Buber, Rafael [Eds.] / [Buber, Martin] 1980 Magnes Press, Hebrew University $11.84 More Details
  A Sufi-Jewish Dialogue: Philosophy and Mysticism in Bahya Ibn Paquda`s "Duties of the Heart".
Lobel, Diana 2007 Penn Press (University of Pennsylvania Press) $40.00 More Details
  A guide to the study on philosophy of religion [IN HEBREW] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]
Sole, M. Z. [Soleh, Moshe Ze`ev; Zeev; Wilhelm] 1975 Rubin Mass $11.84 More Details
  Crescas` Sermon on the Passover and Studies in his Philosophy [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY].
Ravitzky, Aviezer [Ravitsky] 1988 The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities $19.74 More Details
  Maimonides: Conservatism, Originality, Revolution [Rabbi Moses ben Maimon; Rambam] [TWO VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW].
Ravitzky, Aviezer [Ed.] 2008 The Zalman Shazar center for Jewish history $25.00 More Details
  Maimonides and Mysticism: Presented to Moshe Hallamish on the Occasion of his Retirement [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARIES].
Elqayam, A. ; Schwartx, D. [Eds.] 2009 Bar-Ilan University $31.58 More Details
Lipshitz, Abe [Lifshitz, Abraham; Avraham] 1982 Mossad Harav Kook $17.11 More Details
  The Faith of Abraham in the Light of Interpretation throughout the Ages [IN HEBREW]
Hallamish, Moshe ; Kasher, Hannah ; Silman, Yohanan [Edit.] 2002 Bar-Ilan University $17.11 More Details
  Myth and Metaphor: Abraham Cohen [de] Herrera`s Philosophic Interpretation of Lurianic Kabbalah [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY]
Yosha, Nissim 1994 Ben-Zvi Institute / The Magnes Press / The Hebrew University $12.63 More Details
  The Life and Thought of Shem Tov ibn Shaprut [IN HEBREW]
Frimer, Norman E. ; Schwartz, Dov 1992 Ben-Zvi Institute / Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi / The Hebrew university $25.00 More Details
  The Philosophical System of R. Moses Isserles [the Ramah] [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY].
Ben-Sasson, Jonah / [Isserles, Moses; the Ramah] 1984 The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities $31.58 More Details
A Holy People - Jewish and Christian Perspectives on Religious Communal Identity [SIGNED BY EDITOR - JOSHUA SCHWARTZ].
Poorthuis, Marcel & Schwartz, Joshua [Eds.] / Schiffman, Lawrence; Beentjes, Pancratius; Faust, Avraham; Feldman, Jackie; Paz, Yair; et al. 2006 Brill $130.00 More Details
  Against Apion [TWO VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW]
Flavius, Josephus / Kasher, Aryeh [Tr., Intr. & Notes] 1996 The Zalman Shazar Center $28.95 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 354) 

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