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    The Ten Commandments: As Reflected in Tradition and Literature throughout the Ages [IN HEBREW]
Segal, Ben-Zion [Ed.] 1985 The Magnes Press / The Hebrew University $13.24 More Details
    Awake My Glory: Aspects of Jewish Ideology
Miller, Avigdor 1980 [5740] Bais Yisroel of Rugby $25.00 More Details
    Sing, You Righteous: A Jewish Seeker`s Ideology
Miller, Avigdor Rugby Young Israel $25.00 More Details
    The Walls of Jerusalem: An Excursion into Jewish History
Raphael, Chaim 1968 Alfred A. Knopf $13.24 More Details
    Rabbinic Authority and Personal Autonomy.
Sokol, Moshe [Ed.] 1992 Jason Aronson $20.00 More Details
    Histoire des Institutions de Moïse et du Peuple Hébreu [IN FRENCH AND HEBREW]
Salvador, J. / Ben-Naïm. Albert 1975 The Zalman Shazar Center $13.24 More Details
    The Covenant of the Language: The Adventure of Speech in Jewish Thought [IN HEBREW]
Gross, Benjamin 2004 Rubin Mass $13.24 More Details
    Tolerance, Dissent and Democracy: Philosophical, Historical and Halakhic Perspectives.
Sokol, Moshe [Ed.] 2002 Jason Aronson $30.00 More Details
    Engaging Modernity: Rabbinic Leaders and the Challenge of the Twentieth [20th] Century.
Sokol, Moshe Z. [Ed.] 1997 Jason Aronson $45.00 More Details
    Sanctity of Time and Space in Tradition and Modernity.
Houtman, A. [Alberdina] ; Poorthuis, M. [Marcel] ; Schwartz, J. [Joshua] [Eds.] 1998 Brill $25.00 More Details
    The Paradox of Human Existence: A Commentary on the Book of Jonah
Lifshitz, Ze`ev Haim / Goldwasser, Julie ; Nathan, Sarah [Tr.] 1994 Jason Aronson $30.00 More Details
    The Man of Faith [IN HEBREW]
Soloveitchik, Joseph B. 1968 Mossad Harav Kook $13.24 More Details
    Judaism as Life`s Purpose
Schonfeld, Victor / Schonfeld, Solomon [Ed.] 1930 $25.00 More Details
    Hagut Ivrit Be`amerika: Studies on Jewish Themes by Contemporary American Scholars [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH FOREWORD] [THREE VOLUME SET]
Zohori, Menahem ; Tartakover, Arie ; Ormian, Haim [Eds.] 1972 / 1973 / 1974 Brit-Ivrit Olamit / Yavneh $52.94 More Details
    Regimen Sanitatis: Letters on the Hygiene of the Body and of the Soul [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH PREFACE]
Ben Maimon, Moshe [Maimonides] / Ibn Tibbon, Moshe [Tr.] / Muntner, Suessmann [Ed.] 1957 Mossad Harav Kook $19.12 More Details
  Témoignages sur Israël
Kaplan, Jacob 1949 Regain $20.00 More Details
  Rejoice o Youth!: An Integrated Jewish Ideology
Miller, Avigdor 1962 $35.00 More Details
Isaac Abravanel: Six Lectures
Gaster, M.; Strauss, L.; Goodman, Paul; Rabinowitz, L.; Llubera, I. G.; Milburn, A. R. / Loewe, H. [Ed. & Intr.] / Trend, J. B. [Ed.] 1937 At the University Press $95.00 More Details
  Judisches Lexikon: Ein enzyklopädisches Handbuch des jüdischen Wissens [FIVE VOLUME SET]
Herlitz, Georg; Kirschner, Bruno [Eds.] 1927-1930 Jüdischer Verlag $120.00 More Details
  Otzar ha-Gaonim: Thesaurus of the Gaonic Responsa and Commentaries, Following the Order of the Talmudic Tractates [IN HEBREW] [VOLUMES 1-12]
Lewin, B. [Ed.] [1983/4] $141.18 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 761) 

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