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    Studies in Jewish Liturgy
Heinemann, Joesph \ Shinan, Avigdor [Ed`] 1981 The Magnes Press / The Hebrew University $13.24 More Details
    Aboth de Rabbi Nathan [IN HEBREW]
Schechter, Solomon 1967 Philipp Feldheim $27.94 More Details
    Ahavath Chesed: The Love of Kindness, as Required by God
Chafetz Chaim [Chofetz; Israel Meir Kagan] / Oschry, Leonard [Tr.] 1976 Feldheim $20.00 More Details
    Religious Freedom: The Right to Practice Shehitah (Kosher Slaughtering)
Lewin, Isaac ; Munk, Michael L. ; Berman, Jeremiah J. 1946 Research Institute for Post-War Problems of Religious Jewry $65.00 More Details
    Good and Evil in Jewish Thought
Rosenberg, Shalom / Glucker, John [Tr.] 1989 MOD $20.00 More Details
    The Jewish Law Annual: Volume One [THIS VOLUME ONLY]
Jackson, Bernard S. 1978 E. J. Brill $15.00 More Details
    Social Justice in Ancient Israel and in the Ancient Near East.
Weinfeld, Moshe 1999 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University / Fortress Press $30.00 More Details
    Hebrew criminal law and procedure: Mishnah: Sanhedrin-Makkot.
Goldin, Hyman E. 1952 Twayne $20.00 More Details
    Jewish Law: History, Sources, Principles [THREE VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW].
Elon, Menachem 1973 The Magnes Press / The Hebrew University $52.94 More Details
    Hazon Nahum: Studies in Jewish Law, Thought and History [IN ENGLISH AND HEBREW]
Elman, Yaakov ; Gurock, Jeffrey S. [Eds.] 1997 The Michael Scharf Publication Trust of the Yeshiva University Press $48.00 More Details
    Prayer in the Period of the Tanna`in and the Amora`im: Its Nature and its Patterns
Heinemann, Joesph 1964 The Magnes Press / The Hebrew University $14.12 More Details
    The Sages: Their Concepts and Beliefs [TWO VOLUME SET].
Urbach, Ephraim E. / Abrahams, Israel [Tr.] 1975 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $30.00 More Details
    A Restatement of Rabbinic Civil Law [TWO VOLUME SET] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
Quint, Emanuel 2000 Jason Aronson $30.00 More Details
    Studies in Avot de-Rabbi Nathan: Text, Redaction and Interpretation [HEBREW ONLY].
Kister, Menahem 1998 Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi / The Hebrew University $13.24 More Details
    Seder Eliahu Rabba and Seder Eliahu Zuta [Tanna D`be Eliahu] [HEBREW ONLY].
Ish-Shalom, Meir 1969 Wahrmann Books $22.06 More Details
    Peninei Halacha: Laws of Pesach [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
Melamed, Eliezer / Wertheimer, Yehoshua ; Rapps, Moshe [Trans.] 2012 Har Bracha $16.18 More Details
    Les etroguim du Maroc: Assads-Doumdir - leur tradition des cedrats et leur cacheroute (citrus-medica) [IN ENGLISH AND HEBREW].
Levy, Yachar 1996 $19.12 More Details
    Mesillat yesharim: the path of the just [IN HEBREW AND ENGLISH].
Luzzatto, Moshe Chayim / Silverstein, Shraga [Trans.] 1990 [1966] Feldheim $20.00 More Details
    Le Sacre Guerre Contro la Kabbalah "Milhamot Ha-Shem"
Yihye ibn Shelomoh el-Gafeh [Qafih; Yihya; Yihyah; Hacham] / [Wenna, Haim] 1983 Editrice La Giuntina $65.00 More Details
  The Wings of the Dove: Jewish Values, Science and Halachah.
Weiss, David W. 1987 B`nai B`rith Books $14.12 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 596) 

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