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  Ben Asher`s Creed: A Study of the History of the Controversy.
Dotan, Aron 1977 Scholars Press $30.00 More Details
Ottoman and Turkish Jewry: Community and Leadershipõ
Rodrigue, Aron [Ed.] / Hacker, Joseph; Rozen, Minna; Barnai, Jacob; Levi, Avner; Bartal, Israel; Benbassa ,Esther; Kastoryano, Riva; et al. 1992 Indiana University Turkish Studies (Press; Publications) $135.00 More Details
The Exiled and the Redeemed [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]
Ben-Zvi, Itzhak [Ben Tzvi, Yitzchak] / Abbady, Isaac A. [Tr.] 1961 The Jewish Publication Society of America [JPS] $65.00 More Details
  Studies in Judaica, Karaitica and Islamica: Presented to Leon Nemoy on His Eightieth Birthday.
Brunswick, Sheldon R. [Ed.] 1982 Bar-Ilan University $40.00 More Details
  Studies in Islamic and Judaic Traditions - II [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
Brinner, William M. & Ricks, Stephen D. [Eds.]; 1989 Scholars Press $20.00 More Details
  The Tombstones of the Cemetery of the Karaite Jews in Cufut Qal`eh (the Crimea): Report of the Ben Zvi Institute Expedition [IN HEBREW].
Akhiezer, Golda; Ezer, Michael; Fedorchuk, Artem; Khaimovich, Boris; Kizilov, Mikhail / Shapira, Dan D.Y. [Ed.] 2008 Ben-Zvi Institute for the Study of Jewish Communities in the East / Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi / The Hebrew University of Jerusalem $13.24 More Details
  Karaite Jewry in Egypt in Modern Times.
Algamil, Yosef ben Ovadia 1985 The National Council of Karaite Jews in Israel $19.12 More Details
  The Collected Articles of Jacob Mann [THREE VOLUME SET]
Mann, Jacob 1971 M. Shalom $180.00 More Details
Comprehensive History of the Jews of Iran - The Outset of the Diaspora.
Levy, Habib [Lavi; Levi; Lavy] / Ebrami, Hooshang [Ed.] / Maschke, George W. [Tr.] 1999 Mazda Publishers in association with The Cultural Foundation of Habib Levy $70.00 More Details
Karaite Jewry in Egypt in Modern Times
Ben Ovadia Algamil, Yosef 1985 National Council of Karaite Jews in Israel $52.94 More Details
Descriptive Catalogue of Genizah Fragments in Philadelphia
Halper, B. [Benzion, Ben-Zion] 1924 The Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning $60.00 More Details
The Collected Articles of Jacob Mann - VOLS. I & II [TWO VOLUMES]
Mann, Jacob 1971 M. Shalom $80.00 More Details
Eastern European Karaites in the Last Generations
Shapira, Dan D. Y.; Lasker, Daniel, J.; Akhiezer, Golda; Kizilov, Mikhail [Ed.] 2011 Ben-Zvi Institute / The Hebrew University of Jerusalem $43.82 More Details
  Geschichte des Karäerthums von 1575 bis 1865 der gewöhnlichen Zeitrechnung. Die Letzten vier Abschnitte (1575 - 1865) [THIS VOLUME ONLY]
Fürst, Julius 1869 Oskar Leiner $35.00 More Details
The Book of the Wars of the Lord [Sefer Milhamot Ha-Shem]
Davidson, Israel [ed]. Ben Yeruhim, Salmon. 1934 The Jewish Theological Seminary of America $240.00 More Details
  Liber Nizachon Rabbi Lipmanni, Conscriptus anno a Chrsito nato MCCCXCIX diuq; desideratus: nec ita pridem, fato singulari, e Judaeorum manibus excussus oppositus Christianis, Sadducaeis atque aliis. Editus typis Academicis. [SEFER NITZAHON] [FIRST EDITION] [HEBREW / LATIN]
Lipmann-Mühlhausen, Yom Tov. Hackspan, Theodor. Endter, Woflgang. 1644 Scheriffian $2,000.00 More Details
  Karaite Anthology: Excerpts from the Early Literature
Obermann, Julian [Ed.] \ Nemoy, Leon [Trans.] 1952 Yale University Press $15.00 More Details
Karaite and Samaritan Studies: Collected and Posthunmous Papers [IN HEBREW]
Loewenstamm, Ayala The Academy of the Hebrew Language $33.53 More Details

Showing books 1 to 18 (of 18) 



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