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Author Year Publication name Price Action
  Infinity - An Essay in Metaphysics
Benardete, Jose A. 1964 Clarendon Press $45.00 More Details
Moise, Edwin E. 1967 Addison-Wesley $25.00 More Details
Lattice Theory - The Atomic Age in Mathematics [SIGNED BY AUTHOR AND ILLUSTRATOR]
Lieber, Lillian R. [Text] / Lieber, Hugh G. [Drawings] 1959 Galois Institute of Mathematics and Art $140.00 More Details
  Mecanique Celeste: Equations Canoniques et Variations des Constantes.
Chazy, Jean 1953 Presses Universitaires de France $55.00 More Details
  P, NP, and NP-Completeness: The Basics of Computational Complexity.
Goldreich, Oded 2010 Cambridge University Press $25.00 More Details
  The Essentials of Arithmetic: a Manual for Teachers
Walker, Robert 1929 George G. Harrap & Company $25.00 More Details
  Synthesis of Feedback Systems
Horowitz, Isaac M. 1963 Academic Press $45.00 More Details
  Complex Abelian Varieties.
Birkenhake, Christina / Lange, Herbert 2004 Springer $28.00 More Details
  Frege and Other Philosophers
Dummett, Michael 1991 Clarendonn Press / Oxford $15.00 More Details
  Works on Mathematics [LIMITED EDITION - COPY #67 of 250]
Hebroni, Pessach 1968 The Public Commitee for Publishing the Works of P. Hebroni $25.00 More Details
  Set Theory on the Structure of the Real Line
Bartoszynski, Tomek ; Judah, Haim 1995 A K Peters $75.00 More Details
Actes du Congres International de Philosophie Scientifique: Sorbonne Paris 1935 - VOL. VI: Philosophie des Mathematiques [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
Gonseth, F.; Lautman, Albert; Bouligand, Georges; Destouches, Jean-Louis; et al. 1936 Hermann et Cie, Editeurs $20.00 More Details
  Travaux du IXe Congres International de Philosophie: Congres Descartes - VI: Logique et Mathematiques.
Bayer, Raymond [Secretary General] / Cartan, Elie; Jean, Cavailles; Lautman, Albert; Tarski, Alfred; et al. 1937 Hermann et Cie. $30.00 More Details
  Supplemente zu Georg Simon Klügel`s Wörterbuche der reinen Mathematik - Erste Abtheilung: A bis D [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
Grunert, Johann August 1833 E. B. Schwickert $65.00 More Details
Selecta: Hermann Weyl - herausgegeben zu seinem siebzigsten Geburtstag
Weyl, Hermann 1956 Birkhäuser Verlag $75.00 More Details
Projective Geometry of n Dimensions: Volume Two of Introduction to Modern Algebra and Matrix Theory
Schreier, Otto; Sperner, Emanuel 1961 Chelsea Publishing Company $25.00 More Details
Louis Guttman on Theory and Methodology: Selected Writings.
Guttman, Louis / Levy, Shlomit [Ed.] 1994 Dartmouth $45.00 More Details
Bernhard Riemann`s Gesammelte Mathematische Werke und Wissenschaftlicher Nachlass.
Riemann, Bernhard / Weber, Heinrich; Dedekind, Richard; Noether, M.; Wirtinger, W. [Eds.] 1953 Dovers Publications $25.00 More Details
Mathematical Table Makers: Portraits, Printings, Busts, Monuments: Bio-Bibliographical Notes.
Archibald, Raymond Clare 1948 Scripta Mathematica / Yeshiva University $40.00 More Details
A Classification of Nuclear Interactions According to Group Theory - Thesis Presented for the Ph. D. Degree
Rakvy, Gideon [published by author] $17.11 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 67) 

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