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Tradition und Translation: Zum Problem der Interkulturellen Übersetzbarkeit religiöser Phänomene - Festschrift für Carsten Colpe zum 65. Geburtstag.
Elsas, Christoph; Haffke, Renate; Haussig, Hans-Michael; Löw, Andreas; Palmer, Gesine; Sommer, Bert; Torini, Marco [Eds.] 1994 Walter de Gruyter $145.00 More Details
  An Encounter with Oomoto - "The Great Origin": A Faith Rooted in the Ancient Mysticism and the Traditional Arts of Japan.
Franck, Frederick 1978 Cross Currents $20.00 More Details
  Israel Scottish Rite - Vol. 2, January 1970, No. 1 (9) [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
Fellman, Abraham; Ayalon, Benzion [Eds.] 1970 $28.11 More Details
  Israel Scottish Rite - Vol. 3, September 1977, No. 6 (20) [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
Fellman, Abraham; Ayalon, Benzion [Eds.] 1977 $28.11 More Details
  Israel Scottish Rite - Vol. 3, September 1974, No. 2 (16) [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
Fellman, Abraham; Ayalon, Benzion [Eds.] 1974 $28.11 More Details
  Israel Scottish Rite - Vol. 3, March 1975, No. 3 (17) [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
Fellman, Abraham; Ayalon, Benzion [Eds.] 1975 $28.11 More Details
  On Sanctity: Religion, Ethics and Mysticism in Judaism and Other Religions [IN HEBREW]
Dan, Joseph 1997 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $71.01 More Details
Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism
Scholem, Gershom G. [Gerhard] 1974 Schocken Books $15.00 More Details
An Introduction to the History of Sufism.
Arberry, Arthur J. [John] 1992 Orient Longman $30.00 More Details
  Die Psychologie der Übertragung.
Jung, C. G. [Carl Gustav] 1966 Rascher Verlag $20.00 More Details
  Psychological Commentaries: On the Teaching of G. I. Gurdjieff and P. D. Ouspensky [VOLUMES I-III ONLY]
Nicoll, Maurice 1952 Vincent Stuart $95.00 More Details
  Isis Dévoilée ou l`Égyptologie Sacrée: Hieroglyphes, Papyrus, Livres d`Hermes, Religion, Mythes, Symboles, Psychologie, Philosophie, Morale, Art Sacré, Occultisme, Mystères, Initiation, Musique.
Bosc, Ernest ND Chamuel & Cie. $20.00 More Details
  Les Merveilleux Quatrains de Nostradamus: Medecin-Astrologue des Rois Henri II, Charles IX et Henri III
Nostradamus [Michel de Nostredame] / de Larmor, Colin [Ed.] 1925 Dupas $25.00 More Details
  Benedictus de Spinoza: Mystiker der Immanenz - Beiträge zur Spinoza-Forschung.
Freeman, Henry ; Retter-Teva, Abraham 1971 Ilse Freeman and Abraham Retter-T $25.00 More Details
  The Riddle of Mental Energy: The Meaning of Mental Energy in Psychological and Religious Personality Theories [IN HEBREW]
Shatil, Jonathan 1994 Ramot / Tel-Aviv University $13.31 More Details
  La Langue Hebraique Restituee, et le Veritable Sens des Mots Hebreux Retabli et Prouve par leur Analyse Radicale [TWO VOLUMES BOUND TOGETHER].
d`Olivet, Antoine Fabre 1922 Librairie Generale des Sciences Occultes, Bibliotheque Chacornac $60.00 More Details
  Written in the Stars: Art and Symbolism of the Zodiac
Fishof, Iris 2001 The Israel Museum $30.00 More Details
Mysticism in Christianity
Fleming, W. K. 1913 Fleming H. Revell Company $25.00 More Details
  Elements of Esoteric Astrology : Being a Philosophical Deduction of Astrological Principles and a Sequence to Natural Philosophy, Issued by the Same Publishers.
Thierens, A. E. 1931 Rider & Co. Paternoster House $25.00 More Details
  Modern Esoteric Spirituality.
Faivre, Antoine ; Needleman, Jacob ; Voss, Karen [Eds.] 1992 SCM Press Ltd. $25.00 More Details

Showing books 41 to 60 (of 85) 

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