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  The Poetics of the Sephardi Piyut: According to the Liturgical Poetry of Yehuda Halevi [IN HEBREW].
Hazan, Ephraim 1986 The Magnes Press / The Hebrew University $19.70 More Details
Diwan des Abu-l-Hasan Jehuda ha-Levi [Judah Halevi; Yehuda] [IN HEBREW] [TWO VOLUME SET].
Jehuda Ha-levi [Yehuda; Judah; HaLevi] / Brody, H. [Heinrich; Henrik; Haim] [Ed. & Intr.] 1901 / 1899 / 1896-97 / 1904 Hrsg. im Selbstverlage des Vereins M`kize Nirdamim (Dr. A. Berliner) [Mekize] / In Commission bei J. Kauffmann / Druck von H. Itzkowski $280.00 More Details
  Yehuda Ha-Levi : Como Poeta Y Apologista [VOLUME II ONLY].
Vallicrosa, Jose M. Millas 1947 Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Instituto Arias Montano $20.00 More Details
1988 Corvina Kiado $60.00 More Details
  Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.
Khayyam, Omar / Fitzgerald, Edward [Tr.] / Dulac, Edmund [Illustr.] Hodder and Stoughton $35.00 More Details
  A Bundle of Gold: Hebrew Sonnets from the Renaissance and the Baroque [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SYNOPSIS]
Bergman, Dvora 1997 Ben-Zvi institute / Ben-Gurion University $14.55 More Details
  The Student`s Dictionary of Anglo-Saxon
Sweet, Henry ND [1897] Henry Frowde / Odford University $20.00 More Details
La Divina Commedia di Dante: Inferno / Il Purgatorio / Paradiso [THREE VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW].
Dante Alighieri / Olsvanger, Immanuel [Tr.] 1943 / 1953 / 1956 Tarshish Books $175.00 More Details
  Selected Religious Poems of Solomon Ibn Gabirol [HEBREW & ENGLISH BILINGUAL EDITION]
Ibn Gabirol, Solomon / Zangwill, Israel [Tr.] / Davidson, Israel [Ed.] 1944 The Jewish Publication Society of America $20.00 More Details
  Selected Poems of Jehudah Halevi [HEBREW AND ENGLISH BILINGUAL EDITION].
Halevi, Jehudah [Judah; Yehuda] / Salman, Nina [Tr.] / Brody, Heinrich [Ed.] 1946 The Jewish Publication Society of America $65.00 More Details
  A History of Hebrew Liturgical and Secular Poetry - Vol. I [IN HEBREW] [VOLUME ONE ONLY]
Habermann, A. M. [Abraham Meir] 1970 Masada $19.70 More Details
  Dumbarton Oaks Papers: Number Fifty-One [No. 51]
1997 Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection $48.00 More Details
  Il Decameron di messer Giovanni Boccacci
Boccaccio, Giovanni / [Salviati, Lionardo - Ed.] 1638 Appresso Pietro Maria Bertano $280.00 More Details
  Rubáiyát de Omar Khayyám
Khayyám, Omar / Etchegoyen, Felix E. [Trans.] 1952 Impreso en la Argentina $25.00 More Details
  Sei nicht wie deine Väter.
Profiat Duran (Isaac ben Moses ha-Levi; Isaak Halevi; Mose Hallevi; Honoratus de Bonafide) / Badt, Bertha [Ed.] 1920 Verlag für Jüdische Kunst und Kultur Fritz Gurlitt $15.00 More Details
  The Ansab Al-Ashraf of Al-Baladhuri. Volume IV A - Arabic Text, Indexes, Apparatus and Bibliography / Volume IV B - Arabic Text, Preface in English and Hebrew, Indices & Annotations (also "Further Additions and Corrections") [VOLUMES IV A and IV B] [TWO VOLUME SET].
al-Baladhuri, Ahmad ibn Yahya [b. Jabir] / Schloessinger, Max [Ed.] / Kister, M. J. [Ed. & Annotations] 1938-1939-1940 / 1971 The School of Oriental Studies, Hebrew University, Jerusalem [At the University Press] $150.00 More Details
The Travels of Ibn Jubayr.
Ibn Jubayr [Jubair, Jobair, Djubayr] / Broadhurst, R. J. C. [Tr.] 1952 Jonathan Cape $65.00 More Details
  Romans Picaresques Espagnols: La vie de Lazare de Tormes / La vie de Guzman d`Alfarache / La vie de l`Aventurier Don Pablos de Segovie
De Quevedo, Francisco; Aleman, Mateo / Molho, M.; Reille, J. F. [Eds.] 1968 Gallimard, Bibliotheque NRF de la Pleiade $20.00 More Details
  A Literary History of The Arabs [IN HEBREW]
Nicholson, A. Reynold / Rivlin, Joseph Joel [Trans.] 1960 Kiryat Sepher $19.70 More Details
Ha-Levi, Yehuda / Soussana, David 1967 Academon $19.70 More Details

Showing books 21 to 40 (of 112) 

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