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Author Year Publication name Price Action
  The Typical Features of the Syntax of Biblical Poetry: in its Classical Period
Sappan, Raphael 1981 Kiryat-Sefer $19.12 More Details
  David Franco Mendes: A Hebrew Poet
Melkman, J. [Jozeph] 1951 Massadah Limited / Joachimsthal`s Boekhandel, Uitgevers - en Drukkerijbedijf N. V. $18.00 More Details
  Selected Religious Poems of Solomon Ibn Gabirol [HEBREW & ENGLISH BILINGUAL EDITION]
Ibn Gabirol, Solomon / Zangwill, Israel [Tr.] / Davidson, Israel [Ed.] 1944 The Jewish Publication Society of America $20.00 More Details
  Selected Poems of Jehudah Halevi [HEBREW AND ENGLISH BILINGUAL EDITION].
Halevi, Jehudah [Judah; Yehuda] / Salman, Nina [Tr.] / Brody, Heinrich [Ed.] 1946 The Jewish Publication Society of America $65.00 More Details
  From Thee to Thee: The Underlying Principle in Ch. N. Bialik`s Poetry [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION]
Zimmerman, Shoshana 1998 $13.24 More Details
Jerusalem Slumbering Town [IN HEBREW] [FIRST EDITION].
Shalom, Shin [Poems] / Steinhardt, Jacob [Woodcuts] 1937 Published by Dr. H. Loewenstein $70.00 More Details
  Jerusalem Studies in Hebrew Literature: XVIII [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH ABSTRACT]
Elizur, Shulamit; Weinfeld, David [Ed.] 2001 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $13.24 More Details
  Lea Goldberg: Selected Poetry and Drama
Goldberg, Lea / Back, Rachel Tzvia [Ed., Tr.&Intr.] / Carmi, T. [Tr.] 2005 Toby Press $20.00 More Details
  Isaac Lamdan: a Study in Twentieth-Century [20th-century] Hebrew Poetry.
Yudkin, Leon I. 1971 Cornell University Press / Horwitz Publishing $20.00 More Details
  A Secret Sealed: Hebrew Baroque Emblem-Riddles from Italy and Holland [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION].
Pagis, Dan 1986 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $19.12 More Details
  Chaim Nachman Bialik: Ausgewählte Gedichte
Bialik, Chaim Nachman [Hayim Nahman; Haim] / Müller, Ernst [Trans.] 1922 R. Löwit Verlag $25.00 More Details
  Fata Morgana: Poems
Ramati, Yohanan 1995 The Bialik Institute $13.24 More Details
  Sing Along with Effi Netzer: The Songs we Love [IN HEBREW WITH LATIN TRANSLITERATION] [THREE VOLUME SET]
Netzer, Effi 1991 / 1988 / 1983 General Federation of Labour - Histadrut / Culture and Education Enterprises $57.35 More Details
  Jehuda Halevi: Zweiundneunzig [92] Hymnen und Gedichte - Deutsch
Halevi, Yehuda [Ha-Levi, Jehuda ben Samuel; Judah] / Rosenzweig, Franz [Tr. & Intr.] [1926] Lambert Schneider $30.00 More Details
Kobi Oshrat: Maybe One More Summer
Oshrat, Kobi 1986 General Federation of Labour - Histadrut $13.24 More Details
Songs of my People
Coppersmith, Harry [Ed.] 1937 Anshe Emet Synagogue $13.24 More Details
Machroset / Mahrozet / Machroseth [IN HEBREW]
Kipnis, Levin 1923 Omonuth $76.47 More Details
Shirim Genuzim: New Poems of the Cairo Geniza [IN HEBREW]
Allony, Nehemya; Tobi, Yosef [Eds.] 2000 Iddit and Nehemya Allony Fund $19.12 More Details
These Mountains: Selected Poems of Rivka Miriam
Miriam, Rivka / Stern Zisquit, Linda [Trans.] 2009 Toby Press $13.24 More Details
  Megaovertone: Selected Poems 1952-1966
Avidan, David / Avidan, David; Birman, Abraham [Trans.] 1966 The Thirtieth Century $20.00 More Details

Showing books 41 to 60 (of 206) 

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