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Author Year Publication name Price Action
  Cyclopedia of Modern Hebrew Literature [TWO VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW]
Kressel, G. 1965 / 1967 Sifriat Poalim / Workers` Book Guild, Hashomer Hatzair $28.79 More Details
  Lekitas Joseph: enthält hebräische gleichlautende Wörter von verschiedenen Bedeutungen [IN HEBREW AND GERMAN - BOTH LANGUAGES PRINTED IN HEBREW LETTERS!].
Hirschfeld, Joseph [Tr. ; Ed.] 1824 Gedruckt in der Hebraische und Deutschen Buchdruckerei $45.00 More Details
Jewish Family Names and Their Origins: An Etymological Dictionary.
Guggenheimer, Heinrich W. and Eva H. 1992 Ktav Publishing House $160.00 More Details
  Aramäisch-neuhebräisches Handwörterbuch zu Targum, Talmud und Midrasch / Lexikon der Abbreviaturen [IN ARAMAIC, HEBREW AND GERMAN]
Dalman, Gustaf H.; Händler, G. H. / Kahan, J. 1967 Georg Olms Verlagsbuchhandlung $30.00 More Details
  Encyclopedia of the Sages of Eretz Israel: Volume I (Aba-Tuvia) [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW]
Gelis, Jacob 1974 The Jerusalem Research Institute / Rav Kook Institute $14.55 More Details
  Concordance to the Talmud Yerushalmi (Palestinian Talmud) - Volume Three [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY]
Kosovsky, Moshe 1984 The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities / The Jewish Theological Seminary of America $19.70 More Details
  Biographical Dictionary of Jewish Resistance - Vol. I: Jewish Partisans and Underground Fighters in Western Soviet Territory [VOL. I ONLY] [VOL. I DIVIDED INTO TWO VOLUMES] [IN HEBREW].
Granatstein, Yehiel ; Kahanovich, Moshe / Blumental, Nachman [FOREWORD] 1965 / 1968 Yad Vashem $28.79 More Details
  A Complete Dictionary of Ancient and Modern Hebrew / Thesaurus Totius Hebraitatis et Veteris et Recentioris / Gesamtworterbuch - Alt und Neuhebraischen Sprache - Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15 [VOLUMES 1-9, 14-15 ONLY OUT OF 17] [FIRST EDITION] [IN HEBREW].
Ben Yehuda, Eliezer [Ben-Jehuda, Elieser] 1908-1958 Langenscheidtsche Verlagsbuchhandlung $550.00 More Details
  Dictionary of Musical Terms English-French-German-Italian-Arabic
Willmon, Jess 1994 Librairie du Liban / Center for Educational Research and Development $25.00 More Details
  Hebräisches und aramäisches Lexikon zum Alten Testament [VOLUMES I-III ONLY].
Koehler, Ludwig; Baumgartner, Walter / Hartmann, Benedikt; Kutscher, E. Y. [Co-Eds.] 1967 / 1974 / 1983 E. J. Brill $55.00 More Details
Hebrew Inscriptions: Texts from the Biblical Period of the Monarchy with Concordance.
Dobbs-Allsopp, F. W.; Roberts, J. J. M.; Seow, C. L.; Whitaker, R. E. 2005 Yale University Press $300.00 More Details
  Lexikon der österreichischen Exilliteratur
Bolbecher, Siglinde ; Kaiser, Konstantin 2000 Deuticke Verlag $30.00 More Details
  Thesaurus of the Yiddish Language (Der Oytser fun der Yidisher Shprakh) [IN YIDDISH]
Stutchkoff, Nahum [Stuchkov, Nachum] / Weinreich, Max [Ed.] 1950 Yiddish Scientific Institute - YIVO $106.06 More Details
  Encyclopedic Dictionary of Library and Information Science Terms: English - Arabic.
Elshami, Ahmed M. ; Hassaballah, Sayed 1988 Mars Publishing House $45.00 More Details
  The Encyclopedia of the Righteous Among the Nations: Resources of Jews during the Holocaust - France [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
Lazare, Lucien [Ed.] 2003 Yad Vashem $30.00 More Details
  Al-Mughni Al-Akbar: A Dictionary of Classical and Contemporary English With Illustrations and Colored Plates [ENGLISH-ARABIC EDITION]
Karmi, Hasan S. 1987 Librairie du Liban $45.00 More Details
  The Encyclopedia of Jewish Values.
Amsel, Nachum 2015 Urim Publications $65.00 More Details
  Dictionary of Electronics: English-French-Arabic [Mu`jam al-iliktruniyat: Inklizi-Faransi-`Arabi].
Farhat, Hassan Morsee / Debs, Mohamad; Abdelwahed, Anwar [Eds.] 1992 Academia $30.00 More Details
  Chihabi`s Dictionary of Agricultural and Allied Terminology: English-Arabic.
el-Chihabi, Moustapha [al-Shihabi; Shahabi; al-Chahabi; Mustafa] / Al-Khatib, Ahmad Sh. [Ed.] 1978 Librairie du Liban $60.00 More Details
  Hitti`s New Medical Dictionary: English-Arabic.
Hitti, Yusuf K. & Al-Khatib, Ahmad 1990 [1989] Librairie du Liban $45.00 More Details

Showing books 81 to 100 (of 241) 

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