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  Portrait of Indian South Africans
Meer, Fatima 1969 Avon House $45.00 More Details
Indo-Greek Numismatics
Whitehead, R. B. 1970 Argonaut $20.00 More Details
  Poet-Philosophers of the Rgveda [Rigveda]: Vedic and Pre-Vedic
Raja, C. Kunhan 1963 Ganesh & Co. $30.00 More Details
  A Memoir of Central India, Including Malwa, and Adjoining Provinces [TWO VOLUME SET].
Malcolm, Major-General Sir John, G.C.B., K.I.S. 1824 Printed for Kingsbury, Parbury, & Allen $120.00 More Details
  A Particular Account of the European Military Adventures of Hindustan from 1784 to 1803.
Compton, Herbert 1892 T. Fisher Unwin $45.00 More Details
  Beiträge zur Indienforschung: Ernst Waldschmidt zum 80. Geburtstag gewidmet.
Härtel, Herbert [Ed.] 1977 Museum für indische Kunst $25.00 More Details
  Vedic Index of Names and Subjects [TWO VOLUME SET].
Macdonell, Anthony Arthur ; Berriedale Keith, Arthur [Eds.] 1967 Motilal Banarsidass $30.00 More Details
  The Upanishadbhashya, i.e., the principal ten Upanishads wih Shankara`s commentary.
Adi Shankara [Shankaracharya; Bhagavatpada] / Hari Raghunath Bhagavat [Ed.] 1927 Ashtekar & Co. $105.00 More Details
  The Catapatha Brahmana of the White Yajurveda in the Madhyandina Recension. [Shatapatha; Satapatha]
Pandit A. Chinnaswami S`astri; Pandit Pattabhirama S`astry [Sastri; Shastri; Sastry; Shastry] [Eds.] 1937 Jaya Krishna das Haridas Cupta $45.00 More Details
The Kamasutram of Sri Vatsyayana Muni [Kamasutra].
Sri Vatsyayana Muni; S`ri Devdutta Sastri [S`astri]; Sri Yasodhara 1964 Varanasi $105.00 More Details
Kalam-i Urdu
Jafari, Muhammad Yusuf; Phillott, D. C. [Eds.] 1908 Percy Lund, Humphries $40.00 More Details
A Historical Syntax of Late Middle Indo-Aryan (Apabhramsa).
Bubenik, Vit 1998 John Benjamins Publishing Company $95.00 More Details
Grammar of The Pasto [Pashto; Pukhto, Pakhto; Pushto; Pushtoo; Pathani] or language of the Afghans, compared with the Iranian and North-Indian Idioms by Dr. Ernest Trumpp.
Trumpp, Ernest [Trump, Ernst] 1873 Messrs. Trübner & Co. / J. J. Heckenhauer $65.00 More Details
Berliner Indologische Studien [BIS] - Band 13/14, 2000.
Falk, Harry; Flügel, P.; Khokhlova, L.; Nespital, Helmut; Sänger, A.; Schmidt, R.L.; Strauch, I.; Zakharyin, B.; Bruhn, K.; Gail, A.; et al 2000 Dr. Inge Wezler, Verlag für Orientalistische Fachpublikationen $55.00 More Details
  Vedic Variants : a Study of the Variant Readings in the Repeated Mantras of the Veda [3 VOLUME SET] [REPRINT EDITION].
Bloomfield, Maurice; Edgerton, Franklin; Emeneau, Murray Barnson [M. B.] 1979 Oriental Book Reprint Corporation $45.00 More Details
  Kanvasatapathabrahmanam : Vols. I-V [FIVE VOLUME SET].
Swaminathan, C. R. [Ed.&Tr.] / Vatsyayan, Kapila [General Editor] 1994 / 1997 / 2000 / 2001 / 2005 Indira Gandhi NAtional Centre for the Arts / Motilal Banarsidass Publishers $105.00 More Details
  Studien zur Indologie und Buddhismuskunde : Festgabe des Seminars für Indologie und Buddhismuskunde für Professor Dr. Heinz Bechert zum 60. Geburtstag am 26. Juni 1992.
Grünendahl, Reinhold; Hartmann, Jens-Uwe; Kieffer-Pülz, Petra [Eds.] / Braun, Heinz; Das, Anjana R.; Dietz, Siglinde; Roth, Gustav; et al. 1993 Indica et Tibetica Verlag $60.00 More Details
Geschichte der indischen Litteratur - Erster Band: Einleitung, der Veda, die volkstümlichen Epen und die Puranas [THIS VOLUME ONLY]
Winternitz, M. [Moriz] 1909 C. F. Amelangs Verlag $30.00 More Details
Lex et Litterae: Studies in Honour of Professor Oscar Botto
Lienhard, Siegfried ; Piovano, Irma [Eds.] 1997 Edizioni dell`Orso $65.00 More Details
Singhasan Battisi or the thirty-two Tales of Bikramajit [Vikramaditya; Bikramjit].
Kabi, Lalluji Lal [Tr.] / Sayed Abdoollah [Ed.] [1869] Sampson Low, Marston & Company $80.00 More Details

Showing books 21 to 40 (of 81) 

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