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  Kimpolung-Bukowina: A memorial of the Jewish communnity in Kimpolung and surroundings [IN HEBREW] [TWO VOLUME SET]
Avny, S. 2003 the committee of former residents of Kimpolung-Bukowina and Surroundings $84.85 More Details
  Hungarian Yeshivot: From Grandeur to Holocaust - Volume 2 [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW]
Fuchs, Abraham 1987 $85.00 More Details
  Kroke-Kazimierz-Cracow: Studies in the History of Craco Jewry [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH ABSTRCTS].
Reiner, Elchanan [Ed.] 2001 Tel Aviv University $36.36 More Details
  Mountain Jews: Customs and Daily Life in the Caucasus
Mikdash-Shamailov, Liya 2002 The Israel Museum $30.00 More Details
  Pinkes Varshe: Libro Recordatorio de la Poblacion Judia de Varsovia - Tomo I [Warsaw; Warschau; Warszawa] [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN YIDDISH] [WITH DEDICATION SIGNED BY COMMITTEE MEMBERS]
La Sociedad de Residentes de Varsovia y Sus Alrededores en Buenos Aires [Ed.] 1955 $72.73 More Details
The Rawa-Ruska Memorial Book [Rava; Rouska; Russkaja; Rus`ka; Rave].
Ringel, A. M. [Ed.] / Berger, Jacob Solomon [Tr.] 2018 "Orly" Publications / Ringel, A. M. [Published and Edited] / Jacob Solomon Berger / A. M. Ringel [Published by Author/s] $180.00 More Details
Blätter für Demographie, Statistik und Wirtschaftskunde der Juden, Nr. 1-4 [Lestschinsky; Leshtshinski; Statistische Blätter] [FOUR ISSUES BOUND IN ONE] [IN YIDDISH].
Brutzkus, B.; Lestschinsky, Jakob [Leshtshinski, Jacob; Yankev]; Segall, Jacob [Eds.] 1923-1924 Jüdische Welt-Hilfs-Konferenz [Welthilfskonferenz] $225.00 More Details
  Ber Meisels i jego udzial w walkach wyzwolenczych narodu Polskiego (1846, 1848, 1863-1864).
Kupfer, F. [Franciszek; Ephraim] 1953 Zydowski Instytut Historyczny $20.00 More Details
  Ashkenazic Hebrew and the Hebrew Component in Yiddish: Their Geographic Aspect [IN HEBREW]
Weinreich, Uriel 1965 $12.12 More Details
  Wolkovisker Yizkor Book: Volume One [Volkovysk; Vawkavysk; Wolkowysk; Valkaviskas] [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN YIDDISH]
Einhorn, Moses [Ed.] 1949 $65.00 More Details
  Back to the Shtetl: An-Sky and the Jewish Ethnographic Expedition, 1912-1914 [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH ABSTRACTS]
Gonen, Rivka [Ed.] 1994 The Israel Museum $33.33 More Details
  Vor dem Sturm: Ostjüdische Geschichten
Bin Gorion (Berdyczewski), M. J. [Berdichevsky, Micha Josef; Micah Joseph; Mikhah Yosef] / Ramberg, Rahel [Tr.] 1919 R. Löwit Verlag $15.00 More Details
  The Jews in Poland After World War II [IN HEBREW]
Gutman, Yisrael 1985 The Zalman Shazar Center for the Furtherance of the Study of Jewish History $12.12 More Details
  Polish-Jewish Relations During the Second World War
Ringelblum, Emmanuel / Kermish, Joseph [Ed. ; Intro.] / Krakowski, Shmuel [Ed.] / Allon, Dafna ; Dabrowska, Danuta ; Keren, Dana [Tr.] 1974 Yad Vashem $15.00 More Details
Refugee and Survivor: Rescue Efforts During the Holocaust.
Warhaftig, Zorach [Zerach] 1988 Yad Vashem / Torah Education Dept. of the World Zionist Organization $175.00 More Details
  Kovno - Riga - Dachau - 1941-1945: A Summary of Israel Kaplan`s Diary [IN HEBREW].
Kaplan, Israel / Kaplan-Eilati, Shalom [Ed.] 2016 Carmel $13.64 More Details
  Szkice z Dziejow Gminy Zydowskiej oraz cmentarza w Lodzi.
Kersz, Izaak 1999 Oficyna Bibliofilow $25.00 More Details
  Boiberke Memorial Book [Bobrka; Prachnik; Boyberke; Bibrka]
Kallay, Sharaga Feivel [Kalai, Shraga Feiwel] [Ed.] / Allweil, Arieh [Illustr.] ND [1975?] Sivan Press $420.00 More Details
  Korelitz: The Life and Destruction of a Jewish Community [IN HEBREW, YIDDISH AND ENGLISH].
Walzer-Fass, Michael [Ed.] / Taslitt, Israel I. [Trans.] 1973 The Korelitz Societies in Israel and the U.S.A. $120.00 More Details
  Los Postreros de una Magna Generacion [The Last of a Great Generation] [IN YIDDISH].
Turkow, Marc 1954 Union Central Israelita Polaca en la Argentina $25.76 More Details

Showing books 21 to 40 (of 345) 

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