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Sexual Selection: Testing the Alternatives.
Bradbury, J. W.; Anderson, M. B. [Eds.] / Heisler, 1987 John Wiley & Sons $90.00 More Details
Animal Achievement: A Unifying Theory of Zoology
Por, F. D. 1994 Balaban $25.00 More Details
  Analytical Flora of Palestine" [IN HEBREW].
Eig, A. ; Zohary, M. ; N. Feinburn 1952 The Magness Press / "Palestine Journal of Botany $14.12 More Details
  Determination Tables of Rock-Forming Minerals: With Remarks on Their Occurrence in Israel and Neighbouring Countries [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION].
Bentor, Yaacov K. 1973 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $19.12 More Details
  Understanding Sea-Level Rise and Variability
Church, John A. ; Woodworth, Philip L. ; Aarup, Thorkild ; Wilson, W. Stanley [Eds.] 2010 Wiley-Blackwell $40.00 More Details
  Kidd`s Own Journal for Inter-Communications on Natural History, Popular Science, and Things in General: Volume I [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
William Kidd of Hammersmith [conducted by] 1852 William Spooner $20.00 More Details
  Dynamics of Fractal Surfaces
Fereydoon Family ; Vicsek, Tamas [Eds.] 1991 World Scientific $35.00 More Details
  Molecular Physics and Elements of Quantum Chemistry: Introduction to Experiments and Theory
Haken, Hermann ; Wolf, Hans Christoph / Brewer, William D. [Tran.] 1995 Springer $30.00 More Details
  Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics.
Ginzburg, V. L. / Ter Haar, D. [Tr.] 1979 Pergamon $30.00 More Details
  Chemical and Biochemical Reactivity: Proceedings of an International Symposium held in Jerusalem, 9-13 April 1973.
Bergmann, Ernst D.; Pullman, Bernard [Eds.] 1974 The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities $65.00 More Details
  Die Fundamente zur Entstehung der Arten
Darwin, Charles / Semon, Maria [Tr.] 1911 Druck und Verlag von B. G. Teubner $25.00 More Details
  Bilder im Geiste: Zur kognitiven und erkenntnistheoretischen Funktion piktorialer Repräsentationen.
Sachs-Hombach, Klaus [Ed.] 1995 Rodopi $45.00 More Details
  A Classification of Nuclear Interactions According to Group Theory - Thesis Presented for the Ph. D. Degree [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY]
Rakvy, Gideon [published by author] $16.18 More Details
Vorlesungen uber die Physikalischen Grundlagen der Naturwissenschaften
Exner, Franz 1919 Franz Deuticke $35.00 More Details
  Alexis Chermette et la fluorite
Chermette, Alexis / Philippe, Michel [Ed.] 2002 Muséum d`histoire naturelle $30.00 More Details
  The Halogenated Aliphatic, Olefinic, Cyclic, Aromatic, and Aliphatic-Aromatic Hydrocarbons including the Halogenated Insecticides, their Toxicity and Potential Dangers.
von Oettingen, W. F. 1955 Public Health Service Publication $60.00 More Details
  Zur Bibel: Naturhistorische, Anthropologische und Medicinische [Medizinische] Fragmente - Zweiter Theil [Teil] [THIS VOLUME ONLY]
Friedreich, J. B. [Johannes Baptista] 1848 Bauer & Raspe (Julius Merz) $40.00 More Details
  Wegen der Wetenschap: Uitgangspunt, Richting en Doel
Aalders, W. J.; van der Corput, J. G.; Kapteyn, J. M. N.; van Meurs, J. H.; Polak, L.; Sirks, M. J.; Zernike, F. 1940 J. B. Wolters $30.00 More Details
Aus dem Lande der Marindinesen: Mit 8 Tafeln nach Aquarellen des Verfassers. Vortrag gehalten in der Ortsgruppe Batavia am 14. Juni 1937.
Thierfelder, M. V. 1938 OAG: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Natur- und Völkerkunde Ostasiens $20.00 More Details
  First Report of the Wellcome Tropical Research Laboratories at the Gordon Memorial College, Khartoum \ Second Report of the Wellcome Tropical Research Laboratories at the Gordon Memorial College, Khartoum [TWO VOLUMES]
Balfour, Andrew 1904 / 1906 Department of Education, Sudan Government $70.00 More Details

Showing books 41 to 60 (of 78) 

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