Histoire des Israélites de Salonique [Thessalonique; Thessaloniki] [COMPLETE SEVEN VOLUME SET].  
  [VOL.I]: La Communauté Romaniote / [VOL.II]: La Communauté Sefaradite - Période d`Installation (1492-1536) / [VOLS.III&IV]: L`Age d`Or du Sefaradisme Salonicien (1536-1593) - Premier fascicule & Deuxiéme fascicule. [VOL.V]: Période de Stagnation - La Tourmente Sabbatéenne (1593-1669). [VOLS.VI&VII]: [Published posthumously (Nehama died in 1971) and covers the periods from the 1670s to modern times].  

שם המחבר Nehama, Joseph [Jos.]
מקום ההוצאה Paris / Salonique [Thessalonique]
מוציא לאור Librairie Durlacher / Librairie Molho / Communauté Israélite de Thessalonique
שנת הוצאה 1935 / 1936 / 1959 / 1978
שפה צרפתית
תיאור הספר
COMPLETE SEVEN VOLUME SET bound in six (vols.6 and 7 bound together). These seven volumes comprise the only comprehensive history of the Jewish community on Thessaloniki from ancient times to 20th century, written by an eminent Jewish Greek educator and historian Joseph Nehama (ca.1880-1971), author of numerous studies and articles in French and Judeo-Spanish on Jewish history, health codes, and commerce. Nehama`s pioneering research into the Salonikan Jewish community`s roots had a major impact when published and still continues to influence contemporary scholars of Greek Jewry and Sephardic studies. [VOLS.I-IV]: 210x160mm. [175]+[175]+[214]+[224] pages. Softcover. Cover and spine yellowing and wrinkled. Cover corners and edges wrinkled. Pen marks on front cover and spine. Spine edges peeling. Binding slightly curved. Previous owner`s stamp on front whitepage and title-page. Some pages dog-eared/slightly creased. Pages rough-cut as published. [VOL.I]: Cover and spine stained. [VOL.III]: Cover age-stained. Front cover slightly stained. Rear cover creased and partly detached. Spine edges and hinges tattered. Binding coming loose. Pen/pencil marks on pre-title page. [VOL.IV]: Cover age-stained. Cover edges/corners worn. Front cover creased. Sticker residues on rear cover. Spine edges tattered. Pencil marks on pre-title page and title page. [VOL.V]: 250x175mm. 254 pages. Cover yellowing and slightly age-stained. Rear cover and whitepage bottom edge grease-stained. Cover corners and bottom edge worn. Spine edges missing. [VOLS.VI&VII]: 245x185mm. 811 pages. Green leather Hardcover with gilt front cover and spine. Cover and spine rubbed. Small piece peeled off front cover. Cover corners and spine edges bumped. Spine gilt faded. Stamp on title page. Binding slightly visible on rear inner cover and visible between pages 16-17. [SUMMARY]: Else all volumes in good condition.
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