Jüdischer Almanach 5663 [Juedischer] [SIGNED BY HUGO BERGMANN].  
  Redaktion des literarischen Teiles: Berthold Feiwel. Redaktion des Kuenstlerischen Teiles: E. M. Lilien.  

שם המחבר Feiwel, Berthold / Lilien, E. M. [Ephraim Moses] [Eds.]
מקום ההוצאה Berlin
מוציא לאור Juedischer Verlag [Jüdischer]
שנת הוצאה [1902/1903]
שפה גרמנית
תיאור הספר
SIGNED BY HUGO BERGMANN ׂ(Samuel; Schmuel; Bergman 1883-1975) - an eminent Israeli philosopher, Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and at some period also the dean of the university. Born in Prague, Bergmann enjoyed the friendship of Franz Kafka, who was a schoolmate of his, the philosopher Felix Weltsch, who later also worked in the University Library of Jerusalem, and Max Brod, who was introduced by Bergman into Zionism as early as before 1910. RARE Jewish almanac published by Jüdischer Verlag under the editorship of two of its founders: Berthold Feiwel and Ephraim Moses Lilien. Contains prose and poetry, as well as numerous reproductions of art works by the preeminent German-Jewish and Yiddish writers and artists of the period, such as Schalom Asch, Martin Buber, Theodor Herzl, David Pinski, Scholem Aleichem. Karl Wolfskehl, Stefan Zweig, E.M.Lilien, Max Liebermann, Hermann Struck, Lesser Ury, and many others. 225x200mm. 310 pages [+14]. Illustrated cloth Hardcover (Lilien`s design). Cover curved, stained and worn. Cover upper edge/corner peeling. Cover corners and edges bumped and peeling. Spine torn, worn/tattered and coming loose. Binding visible and coming loose between cover and pages. Previous owner`s signature in ink on second whitepage (phil. Hugo Bergmann). Six last advertisement pages and two rear whitepages detached. Binding slightly visible between several pages. Pages 79-92 fore edge slightly torn - NO damage to text or plates. Some pages water-stained. Most page edges slightly stained - NO damage to text or plates. Pages yellowing and wavy. [SUMMARY]: Apart from the sustained damage mentioned above, this extremely rare and historically significant German-Jewish periodical, signed by an influential 20th-century Jewish philosopher, is otherwise in good reading condition. Due to its condition we offer the book at a greatly reduced price!
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