Histoire de la Guerre des Juifs Contre les Romains / Response de Joseph a ce qu`Appion Avoit E`crit [Ecrit] contre son Histoire des Juifs touchant l`Antiquité de leur race [TWO VOLUME SET].  
  Ecrite par Flavius Joseph, at sa vie écrite par lui-meme. Traduite sur l`Original Grec revu sur divers Manuscrits par Monsieur Arnauld d`Andilly. Le Martyre des Machabe`es [Machabees], Avant Propos de Joseph / Relation Faite par Philon /  

שם המחבר Titus Flavius Josephus [Joseph ben Matityahu] / Andilly d`Arnauld [Robert] [Tr.]
מקום ההוצאה Bruxelles
מוציא לאור Chez Eugene Henry Fricx
שנת הוצאה 1703
שפה צרפתית
תיאור הספר
TWO VOLUME SET. RARE edition of Josephus`s "Jewish War" and "Against Apion" in French translation from the original Greek by Robert Arnauld d’Andilly (1589-1674), a French conseiller d`État in the court of Marie de` Medici, who, by the elegance of his language, was among the major poets, writers and translators of 17th century French classicism. Both volumes contain b&w plates and figures/vignettes. [BOTH VOLUMES]: 170x115mm. [XCII+358+XIV] + [555+XXXIII] pages. Brown leather Hardcover with gilt ribbed spine. Cover and spine slightly stained. Cover and spine worn and rubbed/scratched. Cover corners and spine edges bumped. Spine gilt partly peeled. Ink inscription on title-page. Pages yellowing, slightly age-stained and wavy. [VOL.I]: Cover corners peeling. Spine upper edge partly missing. Spine bottom edge slightly torn. Front and rear endpaper coming loose. Binding coming loose - front whitepage, title-page, pages I-XVI, 185-358 and most content pages detached from binding. [VOL.II]: Title page almost detached from binding. Front endpaper coming loose. Rear endpaper stained and wrinkled. Rear whitepage edge slightly torn; bottom corner stained. Sticker on title-page verso. Binding slightly loose and visible between some pages. [SUMMARY]: This extremely rare French translation of one of the most important Jewish history books has sustained some damage, but is otherwise in good condition. Due to the damage it has sustained, we offer it for a greatly reduced price!
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