Autoemancipation [Auto-Emancipation / Selbstemanzipation] [IN DANISH]  

שם המחבר Pinsker, Leon [Yehudah Leib; Lev Semyonovich]
מקום ההוצאה København
מוציא לאור Udgivet af Dansk Zionistforening
שנת הוצאה 1935
שפה דנית
תיאור הספר
RARE DANISH TRANSLATION of an early Zionist pamphlet written by an infkuential Zionist pioneer and activist Leon Pinsker (1821-1891), the founder and leader of the Hovevei Zion, also known as Hibbat Zion movement. `Auto-Emancipation` (Selbstemanzipation) - by Leon Pinsker in which he discussed the origins of antisemitism and argued for Jewish self-rule and the development of a Jewish national consciousness was written in German and first published in 1882. 197x132mm. 46 pages. Softcover. Cover detached and torn. Cover browning. Cover edges/corners tattered. Previous owner`s name written in pen on front cover upper edge. Front cover stained. Rear cover edges slightly stained. Spine tattered and partly missing. Pages uncut (as published). [SUMMARY]: This extremely rare Danish translation of one of the key Zionist texts has sustained some external damage to cover, but is otherwise in very good condition.
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