Jødiske Gravstene 1886-1900 på Mosaisk Vestre Begravelsesplads / Jewish Tombstones 1886-1900 on Mosaisk Vestre Cemetery, Copenhagen, Denmark  

שם המחבר Levin, Elias
מקום ההוצאה København [Copenhagen]
מוציא לאור Udgivet på eget forlag
שנת הוצאה 1986
שפה דנית, אנגלית
תיאור הספר
RARE comprehensive inventory of 699 Jewish tombstones The Mosaic Western Cemetery, with b&w photograph of each tombstone, and Danish and English translation of the stones` Hebrew texts. Contains 40 pages index. The author has drawn from the following sources: Julius Margolinsky`s "Jewish Deaths in Denmark 1693-1976" (Danish Historical Reference Publishers, 1978), Jewish Community`s archives, the death records of The Mosaic Western Cemetery, the Chief Rabbi`s civil register, the National Archives, the archives of the City Hall and the death records of the Police. Each page contains a photograph of related texts of either one or two tombstones. 295x215mm. Unpaginated [ca.510 unpaginated + 40 index pages]. Brown leather Hardcover with gilt lettering on spine. Cover corners rubbed. Rear cover somewhat glue-stained. Spine edges slightly bumped. Spine gilt faded. Text block edges dirty/slightly stained. Small piece of paper with dedication written in pen taped to rear inner cover bottom corner. [SUMMARY]: This extremely rare book on tombstones of the Jewish cemetery in Copenhagen is otherwise in good condition.
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