Semitic Papyrology in Context: A Climate of Creativity. Papers from a New York University conference marking the retirement of Baruch A. Levine.  
  [SERIES]: Culture and History of the Ancient Near East - Volume 14.  

שם המחבר Schiffman, Lawrence [Ed.] / Goelet, O.; Gropp, D.M.; Porten, Bezalel; Tov, Emanuel; Eck, Werner; Peter, Frank E.; Levine, Baruch A.; et al.
מקום ההוצאה Leiden / Boston
מוציא לאור Brill
שנת הוצאה 2003
שפה אנגלית
תיאור הספר
RARE collection of studies on interrelations between the Semitic and Greco-Roman cultures, originally presented at a conference in honor of the retirement of Professor Baruch A.Levine, Skirball Professor Emeritus of Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies (New York University). [LIST OF AUTHORS]: Lawrence Schiffman, Douglas M.Grop, Ogden Goelet, Bezalel Porten, Emanuel Tov, Hannah M.Cotton, Werner Eck, Ranon Katzoff, Frank E.Peter, Ludwig Koenen, Geoffrey Khan, Mark R.Cohen. Epilogue by Baruch A.Levine. Index of ancient sources cited is included. Copy from the library of the the world-renowned epigrapher and member of the Faculty of Humanities at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Ada Yardeni (1937-2018), author of numerous publications, among them "The Book of Hebrew Script: History, Palaeography, Script Styles, Calligraphy & Design" (London: The British Library, 2002), which is considered the authoritative text on the subject. 245x160mm. XIV+285 pages. Hardcover. Cover fore edge and spine edges bumped. Pencil underlining by the previous owner on pages 3-30 and 97-98. Pages 3-8 bottomm corner/fore edge wrinkled. [SUMMARY]: This extremely rare collection of papers on multi-cultural traditions of papyrus writing, of immense important for students of the Greco-Roman world and the Near East in Late Antiquity, is in good condition.
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