The Byzantine and Early Islamic Near East - I: Problems in the Literary Source Material [Materials] (Papers of the First Workshop on Late Antiquity and Early Islam).  
  [SERIES]: Studies in Late Antiquity and Early Islam, 1.  

שם המחבר Cameron, Averil & Conrad, Lawrence I. [Eds.] / Whitby, M.; Haldon, John; Reinink, G.J.; Drijwers, Han J.W.; al-Qadi, Wadad; Leder, Stefan
מקום ההוצאה Princeton, New Jersey
מוציא לאור The Darwin Press
שנת הוצאה 1992
שפה אנגלית
תיאור הספר
RARE collection of eight cross-disciplinary papers on "Problems in the Literary Source Material", from the First Workshop of the Late Antiquity and Early Islam, convened in London on 20-21 October 1989. [CONTENTS]: 1. Michael Whitby - Greek Historical Writing after Procopius: Variety and Vitality; 2. Averil Cameron - New Themes and Styles in Greek Literature: 7th-8th Centuries; 3. John Haldon - The Works of Anastasius of Sinai: A Key Source for the History of 7th-Century East Mediterranean Society and Belief; 4. G.J. Reinink - Ps.-Methodius: A Concept of History in Response to the Rise of Islam; 5. Han J.W. Drijvers - The Gospel of the Twelve Apostles: A Syriac Apocalypse from the Early Islamic Period; 6. Wadad al-Qadi - Early Islamic State Letters: The Question of Authenticity; 7. Stefan Leder - The Literary Use of the Khabar: A Basic Form of Historical Writing; 8. Lawrence I. Conrad - The Conquest of Arwad: A Source-Critical Study in the Historiography of the Early Medieval Near East. Includes an index. 240x160mm. XIV+428 pages. Dark-blue cloth Hardcover with transparent plastic dust-jacket. Gilt lettering on spine. Embossed front cover. Dedication written in pen on title-page upper corner - the dedicatee is an eminent Israeli archaeologist Yoram Tsafrir (1938-2015). Spine edges bumped. [SUMMARY]: This extremely rare book, of immense interest to students of early Islam, Byzantium and Near East in Late Antiquity, is otherwise in very good condition.
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