Religion and Philosophy in Ancient Egypt.  
  [SERIES]: Yale Egyptological Studies [YES], 3.  

שם המחבר Simpson, William Kelly [Ed.] / Allen, James P.; Assmann, Jan; Lloyd, Alan B.; Ritner, Robert K.; Silverman, David P.
מקום ההוצאה New Haven, Connecticut
מוציא לאור Yale Egyptological Seminar [Publications], Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, The Graduate School, Yale UniversityYU
שנת הוצאה 1989
שפה אנגלית
תיאור הספר
RARE collection of seven papers on ancient Egyptian religion and philosophy by leading Egyptologists. Of the seven essays presented in this volume, six were delivered at a symposium held at Whitney Humanities Center of Yale University on October 1, 1988. [CONTENTS]: William Kelly Simpson - Preface / James P. Allen - The Cosmology of the Pyramid Texts / David Silverman - Textual Criticism in the Coffin Texts / Jan Assmann - State and Religion in the New Kingdom / Robert K. Ritner - Horus on the Crocodiles: A Juncture of Religion and Magic in Late Dynastic Egypt / Alan B. Lloyd - Psychology and Society in the Ancient Egyptian Cult of he Dead / Jan Assmann - Death and Initiation in he Funerary Religion of Ancient Egypt. 255x175mm. VIII+159 pages. Softcover. Cover rubbed. Cover edges and corners rubbed and wrinkled. Spine wrinkled. Spine edges and hinges rubbed. Pencil underlining on some pages. [SUMMARY]: This extremely rare collection of papers on ancient religion and philosophy by the leading authorities in the field is in good condition.
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