The Coinage of Nysa-Scythopolis (Beth-Shean).  
  [SERIES]: Publications of the Israel Numismatic Society (Board of Editors: D. Barag, A. Kindler, Y. Meshorer, Sh. Qedar). Corpus Nummorum Palaestinensium - Volume V.  

שם המחבר Barkay, Rachel
מקום ההוצאה Jerusalem
מוציא לאור The Israel Numismatic Society in association with David and Jemima Jeselsohn Epigraphic Center of Jewish History, Bar-Ilan University
שנת הוצאה 2003
שפה אנגלית
תיאור הספר
RARE study of the coins minted in Nysa-Scythopolis (Beth-Shean) during the Roman period, from the middle of the 1st century BCE until the middle of the 3rd century CE, with complete catalog of the Nysa-Scythopolis coinage divided into 97 major types, with 45 related variants. This study is a publication of a Ph.D thesis written at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem under the supervision of Prof. Ya`akov Meshorer. Contains numerous color and b&w figures, and 14 full-page b&w plates of all the coins discussed in the monograph. 245x175 mm. 272 pages. Tan cloth hardcover with gilt emblem and spine. Includes dust jacket. [CONDITION]: Dust jacket scratched. Spine top and bottom slightly bumped. Otherwise very clean and solid. [SUMMARY]: Aside from slight wear to the dust-jacket, this rare monograph on ancient coins from Roman Judaea is AS NEW.
מחיר ₪1,092.00
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מספר קטלוגי MC 18 16

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