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    Synthesis of Feedback Systems
Horowitz, Isaac M. 1963 Academic Press $45.00 More Details
Électrons et Photons - Rapports et Discussions du Cinquieme Conseil de Physique tenu a Bruxelles du 24 au 29 Octobre 1927 sous les Auspices de L`Institut International de Physique de Solvay.
Lorentz, H.-A.; Bragg, W.-L.; Compton, Arthur H.; de Broglie, Louis; Born, Max & Heisenberg, Werner; Schrödinger, Erwin; Bohr, Niels 1928 Gauithier-Villars et Cie. $4,400.00 More Details
  Second International Symposium on Stratified Flows - The Norwegian Institute of Technology, Trondheim 24-27 June, 1980 [TWO VOLUME SET]
Carstens, Torkild; McClimans, Thomas [Eds.] 1980 Tapir $60.00 More Details
Principles and Applications of Rheology
Fredrickson, Arnold G. [Gerhard] 1964 Prentice Hall $25.00 More Details
Travaux du IXe Congres International de Philosophie: Congres Descartes - VII: Causalite et Determinisme - I. La Physique moderne; II. Physique et Philosophie; III. La Probabilite; IV. La Biologie [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
Bayer, Raymond [Secretary General] 1937 Hermann et Cie, Editeurs $30.00 More Details
Fluid Mechanics
Potter, Merle C. / Foss, John F. 1982 Great Lakes Press $30.00 More Details
MHD-Flows and Turbulence II: Proceedings of the Second Bat-Sheva International Seminar, Beersheva, March 28-31, 1978
Yakhot, A.; Branover, H. [Eds.] 1980 Israel Universities Press $25.00 More Details
Fluid Mechanics: Volume 6 of Course of Theoretical Physics [THIS VOLUME ONLY]
Landau, L. D.; Lifshitz, E. M. [Eds.] / Sykes, J. B.; Reid, W. H. [Trans.] 1975 Pergamon $55.00 More Details
Buoyancy Effects in Fluids.
Turner, J. S. [John Stewart] 1979 Cambridge University Press $20.00 More Details
Physical Thought: From the Presocratics to the Quantum Physicists - An Anthology [SIGNED BY EDITOR]
Sambursky, Shmuel [Ed.] 1974 Hutchinson of London $25.00 More Details
Turbulence: An Introduction to Its Mechanisms and Theory
Hinze, J. O. 1959 McGraw-Hill Book Company $35.00 More Details
Die Viskosität der Flüssigkeiten
Hatschek, Emil 1929 Theodor Steinkopff $45.00 More Details
Fluid Dynamics of Viscoelastic Liquids.
Joseph, Daniel D. 1990 Springer $35.00 More Details
Viscoelastic Properties of Polymers
Ferry, John D. 1970 John Wiley & Sons, INC. $35.00 More Details
Physicochemical Hydrodynamics
Levich, Veniamin G. [Grigorievich; Benjamin] 1962 Prentice-Hall $165.00 More Details
Spectroscopic and Group Theoretical Methods in Physics: [Giulio] Racah Memorial Volume
Bloch, F.; Cohen, S. G.; De-Shalit, A.; Sambursky, S.; Talmi, I. / [Racah, Giulio] 1968 North Holland / Hebrew University of Jerusalem $30.00 More Details
Spectroscopic and Group Theoretical Methods in Physics - Racah Memorial Volume
Bloch, F.; Cohen, S. G.; De-Shalit, A.; Sambursky, S.; Talmi, I. [Eds.] 1968 North-Holland Publishing Company $30.00 More Details
Comptes Rendus du Congres International de Physique Nucleaire [TWO VOLUME SET].
Gugenberger, Madame P. 1964 Editions du Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique $45.00 More Details
Dynamics of Fractal Surfaces
Fereydoon Family ; Vicsek, Tamas [Eds.] 1991 World Scientific $40.00 More Details
Die Methode der Physik
Dingler, Hugo [1938] Verlag von Ernst Reinhardt $40.00 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 143) 

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