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  The Guide for the Perplexed
Moses Maimonides / Friedländer, M. [Michael] [Tr.] Pardes Publishing House $25.00 More Details
  Crescas` Critique of Aristotle: Problems of Aristotle`s Physics in Jewish and Arabic Philosophy
Wolfson, Harry Austryn 1929 Harvard University Press $65.00 More Details
  Rav Saadya Gaon.
Fishman, J. L. [Yehuda Leib] [Ed.] / Heinemann, Isaak; Segal, Moshe Zvi; Poznanski, Samuel; Cassuto, Umberto; Goitein, Shelomo Dov; et al. 1943 Mossad Harav Kuk $120.00 More Details
  Sexual Life (Hygiene and its Medical Treatment): Collection of Mediaeval Treatises [IN HEBREW].
Pseudo-Maimonides; Ibn Sina, Abu `Ali; Ibn G`ur[g]ana Hiluf, Obeid / Muntner, Suessmann [Ed.] 1965 Geniza $37.50 More Details
Le Bahir: Le Livre de la Clarte.
Gottfarstein, Josepf [Joseph] [Tr.] 1983 Verdier $20.00 More Details
Meister Eckharts mystische Schriften
Meister Eckhart [Eckhart von Hochheim] / Landauer, Gustav [Trans.] 1920 Karl Schnabel Verlag $45.00 More Details
Indische Strömungen in der islamischen Mystik - Teil 2 [VOLUME 2 ONLY].
Horten, M. [Max] 1928 Carl Winter / Harrassowitz [in Komm.] $20.00 More Details
From Parmenides To Contemporary Thinkers : Readings in Ontology [TWO VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW]
Bar-On, Zvie Abraham [Ed.] 1977 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $29.69 More Details
Good and Evil in Jewish Thought
Rosenberg, Shalom 1989 Mod Books $15.00 More Details
Isaac Albalag: averroiste juif, traducteur et annotateur d`Al-Ghazali.
Vajda, Georges 1960 Librairie Philosophique J. Vrin $35.00 More Details
Maimonides` Regimen Sanitatis : Commentry of R. Jacob Zahalon on "Hilchot Deot" -Chapter Four, With an Added Brief Preface to the Treatise Ozar ha-Hayyim ("The Treasure of Life") [IN HEBREW]
R. Jacob Zahalon / Amar, Zohar [Ed,] 2002 Ingeborg Rennert Center for Jerusalem Studies Publications $14.06 More Details
Melanges de Philosophie : Juive et Arabe.
Munk, S. [Salomon] 1955 Librairie Philosophique J. Vrin $30.00 More Details
A Fourteenth Century Scientific Philosophic Controversy : Jedaiah Ha-Penini`s Treatise on Opposite Motions and Book of Confutation [IN HEBREW].
Glasner, Ruth [Ed.] 1998 World Union of Jewish Studies - The Rabbi David MOses and Amalia Rosen Foundation $37.50 More Details
From Parmenides to Contemporary Thinkers: Readings in Ontology [IN HEBREW]
Bar-On, Abraham Zvie [Ed.] The Hebrew University Magnes Press $36.88 More Details
Die Spuren Al-Batlajusis in der jüdischen Religions-Philosophie, nebst einer Ausgabe der hebräischen Übersetzungen seiner bildlischen Kreise
Kaufmann, David [Tr.&Ed.] / Al-Batlajusi [Abd Allah Muhammad ibn al-Sid al-Batalyawsi] 1880 Kön. Ung. Universitäts-Buchdruckerei $48.00 More Details
The Concept of Place in Late Neoplatonism.
Sambursky, Samuel [Schmuel, Shmuel] [Ed.,Intr.&Tr.] 1982 The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities $180.00 More Details
Ibn Ezra Literature: Essays on the Writings of Abraham Ibn Ezra - Vol. IV. [THIS VOLUME ONLY]
Friedlaender, M. [Friedländer, Michael] ND The Society of Hebrew Literature \ Trübner and Co. $45.00 More Details
A Short History of Classical Arabic Literature
Goldziher, Ignace [Ignác; Ignaz; Yitzhaq Yehuda] / Desomogyi, Joseph [Tr.] 1966 Georg Olms Verlagsbuchhandlung $45.00 More Details
The Path of Good Men.
Aben Tibbon, Judah [ibn]; Maimonides, Moses [RaMBaM; Mosheh Ben Maimon] / Edelman, Hirsch [TR.&ED.] 1970 Kedem $45.31 More Details
Essays in Jewish Philosophy: A Selection from the Scattered Essays, Lectures and Articles, Among Which Some Major Studies on the Principles of Judaism, on the Philosophy of Saadya and of Jehuda Hallevi, and on Crescas and Spinoza
Neumark, David / Cohon, Samuel S. [Ed.] 1971 Philo Press $20.00 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 90) 

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