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    The Use of Responsa as Historical Source: A Methodological Introduction [IN HEBREW]
Soloveitchick, Haym 1990 Hebrew University / Zalman Shazar Center $11.84 More Details
  Domestic Settings - Sources on Domestic Architecture and Day-to-Day Activities in the Crusader States [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
Boas, Adrian J. 2010 Brill $180.00 More Details
    The Early Ashkenazic Prayer: Literary and Historical Aspects [IN HEBREW]
Ta-shma, Israel M. 2003 The Magnes Press / The Hebrew University $25.00 More Details
    The Early Sages of France: Their Lives, Leadership and Works [IN HEBREW]
Graossman, Avraham 1995 The Magnes Press / The Hebrew University $25.00 More Details
  Die byzantinische Stadt im 6. Jahrhundert.
Claude, Dietrich C.H.Beck`sche Verlagsbuchhandlung $240.00 More Details
    He Shall Rule Over You?: Medieval Jewish Sages on Women [IN HEBREW]
Grossman, Avraham 2011 The Zalman Shazar center for Jewish history $17.11 More Details
  The Horns of Hattin.
Kedar, B. Z. [Benjamin Zeev] [Ed.] / Housley, N.; Cowdrey, H.E.J.; Lyons,M.C.; Kenaan-Kedar, Nurith; Mayer, Hans Eberhard; Gal, Zvi; et al. 1992 Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi / Israel Exploration Society / Variorum $100.00 More Details
    The Faith of Abraham: In the Light of Interpretation throughouy the Ages [IN HEBREW]
Hallamish, Moshe ; Kasher, Hannah ; Silman, Yohanan [Edit.] 2002 Bar-Ilan University $17.11 More Details
  A Holy People - Jewish and Christian Perspectives on Religious Communal Identity [SIGNED BY EDITOR - JOSHUA SCHWARTZ].
Poorthuis, Marcel & Schwartz, Joshua [Eds.] / Schiffman, Lawrence; Beentjes, Pancratius; Faust, Avraham; Feldman, Jackie; Paz, Yair; et al. 2006 Brill $145.00 More Details
  Apollonia-Arsuf: Final Report of the Excavations. Volume I - The Persian ans Hellenistic Period [Appolonia, Arsin, Arsuph, Arsur, Arsuth, Assur, Orsuf, Sozusa] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
Roll, Israel & Tal, Oren / Fischer, Moshe; Gorzalczany, Amir; Izre`el, Shlomo; Karmon, Nira; Liphschitz, Nili; Rosenberg, Arik; Sade, Moshe 1999 Emery and Claire Yass Publications in Archaeology $145.00 More Details
    The Desert of the Holy City: The Judean [Judaean] Desert Monasteries in the Byzantine Period [IN HEBREW] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]
Hirschfeld, Yizhar 2002 Yad Izhak Ben Zvi / The Israel exploration Society $31.58 More Details
    The Palestinian Dwelling in the Roman-Byzantine Period.
Hirschfeld, Yizhar 1995 Franciscan Printing Press / Israel Exploration Society $45.00 More Details
    The Making of Orthodox Byzantium, 600-1025.
Whittow, Mark 1996 MacMillan Press $25.00 More Details
    Dumbarton Oaks Papers: Number Forty [40]
Clover, Frank; Maas, Michael; Oikonomidès, Nicolas; Bartusis, Mark; Jacoby, David; Terry, Ann; Tsafrir, Yoram; Wright, David; et al. 1986 Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection $48.00 More Details
  Origins of the European Economy: Communications and Commerce AD 300-900.
McCormick, Michael 2005 Cambridge University Press $115.00 More Details
    Religion and Knowledge: Essays and Lectures [IN HEBREW]
Guttmann, Julius / Esh, Saul [Trans.] / Bergman, S.H. ; Rotenstreich, N. [Edit.] 1979 The Magnes Press / The Hebrew University $11.84 More Details
    Caesarea Papers: Straton`s Tower, Herod`s Harbour, and Roman and Byzantine Caesarea.
Vann, Robert Lindley [Ed.] 1992 Journal of Roman Archaeology $30.00 More Details
    Monastic Settlements in South Sinai in the Byzantine Period: The Archaeological Remains [Archeological] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
Dahari, Uzi 2000 Israeli Antiquities Authority $45.00 More Details
    Les Sarcophages d`Aquitaine.
Picard, Jean-Charles ; Bonnet, Charles ; Duval, Noël ; Guyon, Jean ; Christe, Yves [Eds.] 1993 Brepols $45.00 More Details
    Corpus of the Byzantine Churches in the Holy Land.
Ovadiah, Asher / Kirson, Rose [Tr.] 1970 Peter Hanstein $25.00 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 211) 

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