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Gilbert, Martin 1998 Doubleday $48.00 More Details
Jews and Violence: Images, Ideologies, Realities.
Medding, Peter Y. [Ed.] / Blidstein, G.J.; Horowitz, E.; Friedgut, Th.H.; Wisse, R.; Holzer, E; Gutman, Y.; Cromer, G.; Rosenak, M.; et al. 2002 The Abraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Judaism, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem $55.00 More Details
Lapierre, Dominique ; Collins, Larry 1971 Editions Robert Laffont $35.29 More Details
A Soldier`s Story: The Life and Times of an Israeli Soldier [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]
Eitan, Raful [Rafael] 1991 Shapolsky Publishers $35.29 More Details
My Country: The Story of Modern Israel [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]
Eban, Abba 1972 Weidenfeld & Nicholson $25.00 More Details
Yossel Bergner - 59 Illustrations to all the Folk Tales of Itzchok Leibush Peretz [Fifty-Nine].
Bergner, Yosl [Yosel; Yossel] / Peretz, Itzchok Leibush [Perez, Jizchok Leib; Isaac] / Niger, S. & Segal, J. I. [Intr.] 1950 Published by Hertz & Edelstein $95.00 More Details
A Will to Survive
Phillips, John \ Meir, Golda [Foreword] \ Kollek, Teddy [Afterword] 1977 The Dial Press / James Wade $30.00 More Details
Address by Major-General Yitzhak Rabin, Chief of Staff, Israel Defence Forces
Rabin, Yitzhak 1967 At the Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $27.94 More Details
The Core of the Conflict: The Struggle for the Negev 1947-1956 [IN HEBREW]
Asia, Ilan 1994 Yad Yitzhak Ben-Zvi / The Ben-Gurion Research Center / Ben-Gurion University of the Negev $13.24 More Details
The Carrot and the Stick: Israel`s Policy in Judea and Samaria, 1967-68.
Gazit, Shlomo 1995 B`nai B`rith Books $20.00 More Details
Open Skies - The Israel Air Force: 40 years
Lapidot, Aharon [Ed.] 1988 The Ministry of Defence $13.24 More Details
The Restored State of Israel [SIGNED BY DAVID BEN GURION!]
Ben-Gurion, David 1969 Am Oved Publishers $280.00 More Details
Israel: The First Hundred Years - Volume II: From War to Peace? [VOLUME TWO ONLY]
Karsh, Efraim [Ed.] 2000 Frank Cass $30.00 More Details
The Revolt: Story of The Irgun
Begin, Menachem / Katz, Samuel [Trans.] 1964 Hadar Publishing $25.00 More Details
Jerusalemer Kriegstage.
Loga, Aharon 1949 Edition Dr. Peter Freund $20.00 More Details
As Wrinkles Unfold
Majaro-Mintz, Lea 1992 Published by the Author $19.12 More Details
The Etzion Bloc in the Hills of Judea [Gush Etzion]
Routtenberg, Aryeh / Amichai, Sandy [Ed.] ND $55.00 More Details
The Six Day War / La Guerre des Six Jours [TWO VOLUME SET]
Arbel, Naftali [Ed.] / Taslitt, Israel I.; Catarivas, David [Trans.] 1967 M. Mizrahi $19.12 More Details
Seven Who Fell.
Bar-Adon, Dorothy / Bar-Adon, Pesach 1947 Lion the Printer / The Zionist Organization Youth Department $18.00 More Details
Israel`s Finest Hour \ Les Six Jours Decisifs
Herzog, C. \ Rabin, Y. [Introduction] 1967 Maariv $13.24 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 222) 

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