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Worked Examples in Physics
Shal`nov, V.P. ; Zubov, V.L. / Marquit, Erwin [Tr.] 1962 Pergamon Press $45.00 More Details
A Shorter Course of Theoretical Physics - Volume 1: Mechanics and Electrodynamics [VOLUME I ONLY]
Landau, L. D.; Lifshitz, E. M. / Sykes, J. B.; Hamermesh, M. [Trans.] 1972 Pergamon Press $40.00 More Details
Hamiltonian Dynamics.
Kilmister, C. W. [Clive] 1964 Longmans $30.00 More Details
From a Life of Physics
Bethe, H. A. [Hans]; Dirac, P. A. M. [Paul]; Heisenberg, W. [Werner]; Wigner, E. P. [Eugene]; Klein, O.; Landau, L. D.; Lifshitz, E. M. 1989 World Scientific $25.00 More Details
Mechanics: Lectures on Theoretical Physics - Vol. I [VOLUME I ONLY]
Sommerfeld, Arnold / Stern, Martin O. [Trans.] 1952 Academic Press $65.00 More Details
The Nature of the Chemical Bond and the Structure of Molecules and Crystals: An Introduction to Modern Structural Chemistry
Pauling, Linus 1948 Cornell University Press / Oxford University Press $30.00 More Details
Statistical Theory and Random Matrices.
Carmeli, Moshe 1983 Marcel Dekker $25.00 More Details
Quantum Statistical Properties of Radiation.
Louisell, William H. 1990 John Wiley & Sons $120.00 More Details
Physics and Beyond: Encounters and Conversations
Heisenberg, Werner / Pomerans, Arnold J. [Tr.] 1971 Harper & Row $30.00 More Details
Causality and Chance in Modern Physics
Bohm, David / de Broglie, Louis [Foreword] 1967 Routledge & Kegan Paul $25.00 More Details
Mind at the End of its Tether
Wells, H. G. [Herbert George] 1945 William Heinemann $25.00 More Details
Incompleteness, Nonlocality and Realism : A Prolegomenon to the Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics
Redhead, Michael 1990 Clarendon Press $30.00 More Details
Physical Reality: Philosophical Essays on Twentieth-Century Physics [20th-century].
Toulmin, Stephen 1970 Harper & Row $35.00 More Details
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics: Lectures Given at M.I.T. in 1953/4 by Victor Weisskopf
Weisskopf, Victor [Frederick] / Bincer, A. [Notes] 1962 Cern $35.00 More Details
General Principles of Quantum Mechanics
Pauli, Wolfgang 1980 Springer-Verlag $35.00 More Details
Anregung von Quantensprüngen durch Stöße [Stosse; Stoesse; Stoeße]
Franck, J. [James] / Jordan, P. 1926 Verlag von Julius Springer $95.00 More Details
Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Mechanics
Bell, J. S. [John Stewart] 1989 Cambridge University Press $25.00 More Details
Symmetry Principles in Elementary Particle Physics.
Gibson, W. M.; Pollard, B. R. 1980 Cambridge University Press $30.00 More Details
Albert Einstein : sein Lebensbild und seine Weltanschauung.
Reichinstein, David 1935 Selbstverlag des Verfassers. $120.00 More Details
  Commentaires de M. Pierre Andre Matthiole Medecin Senois, sur les six livres de Ped. Dioscoride Anazarbeen de la matiere medicale,
Mattioli, Pietro Andrea [Matthiole, Pierre André] / des Moulins, Jean 1572 Guillaume Rouille $3,500.00 More Details

Showing books 41 to 60 (of 403) 

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