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Multipole Fields
Rose, M. E. [Morris Edgar] 1955 John Wiley & Sons / Champman & Hall $45.00 More Details
High Voltage Physics.
Jacob, L. [Louis] 1934 Methuen & Co. $25.00 More Details
Connections, Curvature and Cohomology: Volume II - Lie Groups, Principal Bundles, and Characteristic Classes [THIS VOLUME ONLY]
Greub, Werner; Halperin, Stephen; Vanstone, Ray 1973 Academic Press $220.00 More Details
Aspects of a Formal Theory of Music Cognition
van den Berg, Markwin J. [1996] $20.00 More Details
Nuclear Structure: Volume I - Single Particle Motion [THIS VOLUME ONLY]
Bohr, Aage; Mottelson, Ben R. 1969 W. A. Benjamin $25.00 More Details
Elementary Particle Physics
Gasiorowicz, Stephen 1966 John Wiley & Sons $40.00 More Details
The Mathematical Theory of Relativity
Eddington, A. S. [Sir Arthur Stanley] 1952 At the University Press $25.00 More Details
Paradoxes of the Infinite.
Bolzano, Bernard 1950 Routledge and Kegan Paul $40.00 More Details
Gauge Field Theories: An Introduction
Leite Lopes, J. 1981 Pergamon Press $45.00 More Details
Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences [VOLUME I ONLY]
McCormmach, Russell [Ed.] 1969 University of Pennsylvania Press $40.00 More Details
Music and the Cognitive Sciences 1990: Proceedings of Cambridge Conference on Music and the Cognitive Sciences, 1990.
Cross, Ian ; Deliege, Irene [Eds.] 1993 Harwood Academic Publishers $30.00 More Details
Theory of Superconductivity.
Rickayzen, G. [Gerald] 1965 Interscience / John Wiley & sons $45.00 More Details
Self-Organization in Nonequilibrium Systems.
Nicolis, G. [Gregoire] / Prigogine, I. [Ilya] 1977 John Wiley & Sons $120.00 More Details
De la Mécanique Ondulatoire a la Théorie du Noyau [3 VOLUME SET] [FIRST EDITION]
de Broglie, Louis 1943 / 1945 / 1946 Hermann & Cie $120.00 More Details
History of Twentieth Century Physics / Storia della fisica del XX secolo
Weiner, C. [Ed.] / Klein, M.J.; Heilbron, J.L.; Dirac, P.A.M.; Bromberg, J.; Casimir, H.B.G.; Rossi, P.; Elkana, Y.; Holton, G.; et al. 1977 Academic Press $135.00 More Details
Epistemological Writings.
von Helmholtz, Hermann / Cohen, R.S., Elkana, Y. [Eds.] / Lowe, Malcolm F. [Tr.] 1977 D. Reidel Publishing Company $30.00 More Details
Abstraction and Representation: Essays on Cultural Evolution of Thinking.
Damerow, Peter \ Hanauer, Renate [Trans.] 1996 Kluwer Academic Publishers $95.00 More Details
Bible und Natur - Betrachtungen und Deutungen von A. Schapiro
Schapiro, A. 1924 In Kommission bei Dr. Rabinowitz $75.00 More Details
Creation and Evolution
Rothschild, Friedrich S. / Hes, Jozef Ph. [Tr.] 1994 $30.00 More Details
Symposium on Physiological Effects of Radiation at the Cellular Level
1952 The Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology $35.00 More Details

Showing books 41 to 60 (of 343) 

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