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Author Year Publication name Price Action
    Ma`aseh Book: Book of Jewish Tales and Legends Translated from the Judeo-German [TWO VOLUME SET].
Gaster, Moses [Tr.] 1934 The Jewish Publication Society of America $25.00 More Details
    Hadashim Gam Jeshanim. Texts: Old and new collected from various manuscripts with introductions and notes [IN HEBREW].
Habermann, A. M. 1975 Rubin Mass $16.18 More Details
    Introductio in Librum Talmudicum "De Samaritanis" quea Illius Haeresis Historiam, Theologian, Ritus et Literarum Monumenta Tractat [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH FOREWORD] [FACSIMILE] [PART OF TEXT IN RASHI SCRIPT].
Luzzatto S. D. / Kirchheim, Raphael 1970 [1851] Kedem [J. Kaufmanii Bibliopolae] $19.12 More Details
    Tractate Sanhedrin: Commentary and Study Guide.
Cohen, Nachman 1987 Torah Lishmah Institute $30.00 More Details
    Tractate Berakhos: Commentary and Study Guide.
Cohen, Nachman 1989 Torah Lishmah Institute $35.00 More Details
    The Great Era - A comprehensive study in the position of the Jewish people, the Holy Land and the stages of redemption at this time, based on Talmudic and Rabbinic sources [IN HEBREW].
Kasher, M. [Menachem Mendel] / Rivlin, Hillel [Rabbi Hilel of Shklov] 1968 Torah Shelemah Institute $65.00 More Details
  A History of the Mishnaic Law of Purities: Parts I-V (Tractates Kelim & Ohalot) [FIVE VOLUME SET].
Neusner, Jacob / Richter Neusner, Suzanne [Illustr.] 1974 E. J. Brill $110.00 More Details
  Midrash David Hanagid: Translated From a Rare Judeo-Arabic Manuscript in the USSR Hebrew Collection and Edited With Annotations - Exodus [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION]
Katsh, Abraham I. [Tr. ; Ed.] 1968 Mossad Harav Kook $22.06 More Details
  Sefer Pitron Torah: A Collection of Midrashim and Interpretations - Edited From a Manuscript with Introduction Annotations and Indices
Urbach, Ephraim E. 1978 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University / The Jewish National and University Library Press $52.94 More Details
  Midoth Umishkaloth Shel Torah [Torah Metrology]: Concerning the Jewish metrological and monetry units as well as units of other nations used in Rabbinical writtings as parameters to Jewish units [IN HEBREW] [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR]
Weiss, Y. G. 1984 Moznaim $27.94 More Details
  Safed Legends: Life and Fantasy in the City of Kabbala[IN HEBREW].
Yassif, Eli 2011 University of Haifa Press $13.24 More Details
  The Early Sages of Ashkenaz: Their Lives, Leadership and Works (900-1096) [IN HEBREW]
Grossman, Avraham 1981 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $19.12 More Details
  Aboth de Rabbi Nathan [IN HEBREW].
Schechter, Salomon 1887 $27.94 More Details
  Jewish Gnosticism, Merkabah Mysticism, and Talmudic Tradition.
Scholem, Gershom G. 1965 The Jewish Theological Seminary of America $25.00 More Details
Theology of Ancient Judaism [IN HEBREW] [THREE VOLUME SET]
Heschel, Abraham Joshua [Heshel, Avraham Yehoshua] 1962 / 1965 / 1990 The Soncino Press / The Jewish Theological Seminary of America $125.00 More Details
  Batei Midrashot: Twety [Twenty] Five Midrashim - Published for the First Time from Manuscripts Discovered in the Genizoth of Jerusalem and Egypt with Introductions and Annotatiojs [Annotations][IN HEBREW].
Wertheimer, Shlomo Aharon Ktab Wasepher $70.59 More Details
Dictionary of Jewish Palestinian Aramaic of the Byzantine Period.
Sokoloff, Michael [Sokolov] 1990 Bar Ilan University Press $240.00 More Details
  Likkutei Tarbiz - The Aggadic Literature: A Reader [IN HEBREW].
Shinan, Avigdor [Ed.] 1983 The Magnes Press $13.24 More Details
  Publications of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities: Section of Humanities.
Ravitzky, Aviezer 1988 The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities $13.24 More Details
  Babylonian Talmud: With the entire and Minor Tractates [IN HEBREW].
Preisler, Zvi H. ; Halvin, Shmuel ; Halvin, Hanoch [Eds.]] 1998 Ketuvim Publishers $52.94 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 755) 

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