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Second Temple Period

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Author Year Publication name Price Action
    In Times of Temple and Mishnah: Studies in Jewish History - Volume I [VOL. THIS ONLY] [HEBREW ONLY].
Safrai, Shmuel 1996 The Magnes Press / The Hebrew University $14.12 More Details
    The Aramaic Targum of Job - Thesis Submitted for the Degree "Doctor of Philosophy" [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY]
Weiss, Raphael 1974 [Published by Author] $35.29 More Details
    Angels in the Bible: Israelite Belief in Angels as Evidenced by Biblical Traditions [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR] [TWO PARTS BOUND TOGETHER].
Rofe, Alexander 2012 Carmel $19.12 More Details
    The Rise and Fall of the Judaean [Judean] State: A Political, Social and Religious History of the Second Commonwealth [THREE VOLUME SET].
Zeitlin, Solomon 1968 / 1969 / 1978 The Jewish Publication Society of America $45.00 More Details
    The Religion of Israel: From its Beginnings to the Babylonian Exile
Kaufmann, Yehezkel / Greenberg, Moshe [Tr.] 1988 Schocken $25.00 More Details
    A Classified Bibliography of the Finds in the Desert of Judah 1958-1969.
Jongeling, B. 1971 E. J. Brill $20.00 More Details
    The Hebrew Passover: From the Earliest Times to A.D. 70.
Segal, J. B. [Judah Benzion] 1963 Oxford University Press $40.00 More Details
    Philonis Judaei Opera Omnia - Volume II [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN GREEK WITH LATIN INTRODUCTION].
Philonis Judaei [Philo Judaeus; Philo of Alexandria; Yedidia; Jedediah HaCohen] 1828 E. B. Schwickerti $30.00 More Details
    Prayer in the Period of the Tanna`in and the Amora`im: Its Nature and its Patterns
Heinemann, Joesph 1964 The Magnes Press / The Hebrew University $14.12 More Details
    Book of Jubilees, or The Little Genesis [REPRINT EDITION].
Charles, R. H. [Robert Henri] [Tr.] 1972 Makor $30.00 More Details
    The Book of Enoch or 1 Enoch [One] [REPRINT EDITION].
Charles, R. H. [Robert Henri] [Tr.] 1972/1973 Makor $30.00 More Details
    Beth She`arim: Report on the Excavations During 1953-1958 - Volume III: Catacombs 12-23 [VOLUME III ONLY]
Avigad, Nahman 1976 Massada / The Israel Exploration Society $20.00 More Details
    Das Buch Gleichspruche [Das Buch der Sprichwörter; Sprüche Salomos; Mischle Schelomo].
Buber, Martin [Tr.] ND Schocken Verlag / Jüdischer Verlag $20.00 More Details
  Eretz-Israel: Archaeological, Historical and Geographical Studies - Volume Twenty Three - Avraham Biran Volume [IN HEBREW AND ENGLISH] [VOLUME 23 ONLY]
Stern, E. ; Levi, T. [Eds.] 1992 The Israel Exploration Society $22.06 More Details
Jesus von Nazareth: seine Zeit, sein Leben und seine Lehre
Klausner, Joseph / Thieberger, Friedrich [Tr.] 1952 The Jewish Publishing House (Hozaah Ivrith Ltd.) $180.00 More Details
  Eretz Israel: From the Destruction of the Second Temple to the Muslim Conquest - Archaelogy and Art [VOL. TWO ONLY][IN HEBREW]
Tsafrir, Yoram 1984 Yad Izhak Ben Zvi $16.18 More Details
  Von Jesus zu Paulus
Klausner, Joseph / Thieberger, Friedrich [Tr.] 1950 The Jewish Publishing House $75.00 More Details
  Josephus Flavius: Historian of Eretz-Israel in the Hellenistic-Roman Period - Collected Papers [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARIES]
Rappaport, Uriel [Ed.] 1982 Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi $19.12 More Details
  Judische Kostumkunde im biblischen Alterthum (mit Illustrationen) [IN HEBREW].
Herschberg, A. S. 1911 Tuschijah $94.12 More Details
  The Sequence of Events in the Old Testament.
Shulman, Eliezer / Lederhendler, Sarah [Tr.] 1987 Investment Co. of Bank Hapoalim / Ministry of Defense $35.00 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 307) 

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