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Author Year Publication name Price Action
    Divine Service and Its Rewards : Ideology and Poetics in the Hinke Kudurru
Avigdor Hurowitz, Victor 1997 Ben-Gurion University of the Negev $13.24 More Details
    The Samaritan Pentateuch an Adaptation of the Massoretic Text.
Heller, Ch. 1923 $35.00 More Details
    Biblia Hebraica Juxta Versionem Simplicem Quae Dicitur Pschitta: Canticum Canticorum, Ruth, Threni, Ecclesiastes, Esther [IN HEBREW].
1967 $27.94 More Details
    Parshandatha: The Commentary of Rashi on the Prophets and Hagiographs - Part III. Psalms [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
Maarsen, I. Makor $25.00 More Details
    Biblical Lachish: A Tale of Construction, Destruction, Excavation and Restoration.
Ussishkin, David / Vamosh, Miriam Feinberg 2014 Israel Exploration Society / Biblical Archaeology Society $45.00 More Details
    Chronicles : News of the Past [III VOLUME SET].
Eldad, Israel; Aumann, Moshe [Ed.] 1968 The Reubeni Foundation $52.94 More Details
    The Passover Haggadah.
Culi, Yaakov \ Kaplan, Aryeh [Tr.] 1978 Maznaim $20.00 More Details
    The Book of Tehillim: Me`am Lo`ez [FIVE VOLUME SET].
Yerushalmi, Smuel \ Faier, Zvi [Tr. and Ed.] 1989 \ 1990 \ 1991 Moznaim $150.00 More Details
    An Eleventh Century Introduction to the Hebrew Bible: Being a Fragment from the Sepher Ha-Ittim of Rabbi Judah Ben Barzilai of Barcelona or the Similar Work of a Contemporary.
Ben Barzilai, Judah \ Adler, Elkan Nathan [Ed.] Makor $27.94 More Details
    Midrash David Hanagid : Genesis [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION].
Katsh, Abraham I. 1964 Mosad Harav Kook $22.06 More Details
    Die Schrift : X Das Buch Jeschajahu, Die Schrift XII : Das Buch Jecheskel, Die Schrift XIII : Das Buch Der Zwölf
Buber, Martin / Rosenzweig, Franz Schocken $30.00 More Details
    Maimonides : Torah and Philosophic Quest [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
Hartman, David 1976 The Jewish Publication Society of America $15.00 More Details
    Early Prophecy in Israel.
Uffenheimer, Benjamin 1999 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University $30.00 More Details
    The Wisdom of Ben Sira : A New Translation with Notes
Skehan, Patrick W. / Di Lella, Alexander A. [Ed.] 1987 Doublday $20.00 More Details
    Commentary of Ibn Ezra on Isaiah- Vol. I: Translation of the Commentary [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
Friedlander, M. 1964 Philipp Feldheim $35.00 More Details
    The Pentateuch and Rashi`s Commentary: A Linear Translation into English [FIVE VOLUME SET].
Ben Isaiah, Abraham ; Sharfman, Benjamin ; Orlinsky, M. ; Charner, Morris 1949 S. S. & R. $95.00 More Details
    Ramban (Nachmanides): Commentary on the Torah [FIVE VOLUME SET].
Ramban \ Chavel, Charles B. [Tr. and Ed.] 1971 \ 1973 \ 1974 \ 1975 \ 1976 Shilo $95.00 More Details
    Commentary on the Torah: Book One- Beginning and Upheaval: An Original Exposition of the Biblical View of the Origins of the Universe, Society and Individual Human Personality [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
MALBIM [Rabbaenu Meir Leibush ben Yechiel Michel] / Faier, Zvi [Tran.] 1978 Hillel $19.00 More Details
    The Wars of the Lord : Book one - Immortality of the soul [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
Ben Gershom, Levi (Gershonides) / Feldman, Seymour [Trans.] 1984 The Jewish Publication Society of America $20.00 More Details
    Commentary on Torah: Book Two- The Patriarchs: The Beginnings of the Jewish People Contained in the Physical and Intellectual History of the Patriarchs [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
MALBIM [Rabbaenu Meir Leibush ben Yechiel Michel] / Faier, Zvi [Tran.] 1979 Hillel $19.00 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 1289) 

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