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Author Year Publication name Price Action
  Almanach des Shocken Verlags auf das Jahr 5699
1939 Schocken $65.00 More Details
  Judaism, Sovereignty and Human Rights - Volume 1 - December 2015 [IN HEBREW]
Dagan, Hanoch; Lifshitz, Shahar; Stern, Yedidia Z. [Eds.] 2015 The Israel Democracy Institute $11.84 More Details
  Lamed Vav: A Collection of the Favorite Stories of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach ztz`l
Carlebach, Shlomo / Midlo, Tzlotana Barbara [Ed. and Illustrations] 2005 Published by the Editor $20.00 More Details
  The World of the Sages: Collected Studies [IN HEBREW]
Urbach, Ephraim E. 1988 The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem $47.37 More Details
  Reflection of the Rav: Lessons in Jewish Thought
Soloveitchik, Joseph B. / Besdin, Abraham R. [Rd.] 1979 The Department for Torah Education and Culture in the Diaspora of the World Zionist Organization $20.00 More Details
  Sources and Traditions: A Source Critical Commentary on the Talmud - Tractate Shabbath [Shabbat] [IN HEBREW]
Halivni, David [Weiss] 1982 The Jewish Theological Seminary of America $17.11 More Details
  The Sarajevo Haggadah [FACSIMILE] [HEBREW with English preface]
Roth, Cecil [Bezalel] [Intr.] ND Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc. / "Jugoslavia" Publishing $135.00 More Details
    Studies in Jewish Law, Custom and Folklore
Lauterbach, Jacob Z. [Zallel] / Bamberger, Bernard J. [Ed.] 1970 Ktav Publishing House $24.00 More Details
  Jerusalem: the Holy City in the Eyes of Chroniclers, Visitors, Pilgrims, and Prophets from the Days of Abraham to the Beginnings of Modern Times.
Peters, F. E. [Francis Edward] 1985 Princeton University Press $20.00 More Details
    Jews and Slavs - Volume 3 [Ioudaike Archaiologia]. In Honour of Professor Moshe Altbauer [IN ENGLISH & RUSSIAN]
Moskovich, Wolf; Schwarzband, Samuel; Alekseev, Anatoly [Eds.] / Gutkind, N.; Guri, Y.; Nikolova, S.; Bogachek, M.; Pichkhadze, A.; et al. 1995 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem $45.00 More Details
  Prayer and Politics: The Twin Poles of Abraham Joshua Heschel
Stampfer, Joshua [Ed.&Intr.] / Heschel, Susannah; Dresner, Samuel H.; Peli, Pinchas 1985 Institute for Judaic Studies $145.00 More Details
    Rabbi Akiba [Akiva] and his Contemporaries
Nadich, Judah 1998 Jason Aronson $18.00 More Details
  Anthology of Proverbs and Aphorisms: Drawn from the Bible, Talmuds and Midrashim [IN HEBREW]
Arazy, Abraham 1987 Rubin Mass $11.84 More Details
    Gedenkbuch zur Erinnerung an David Kaufmann [FACSIMILE EDITION] [PAGES 369-682 ONLY]
Brann, M.; Rosenthal, F. [Eds.] / Goldziher, I.; Steinschneider, M.; Bacher, W.;Büchler, A.; Gaster, M.; Berliner, A.; Karpeles, G.; et al. [1900] [Anstalt v. S. Schottlaender] $45.00 More Details
    The Book of God and Man: A Study of Job
Gordis, Robert 1965 The University of Chicago Press $25.00 More Details
    The Zohar - Pritzker Edition: Volume III [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [SIGNED BY THE TRANSLATOR]
Matt, Daniel C. [Chanan; Hanan] [Trans. & Commentary] 2004 Stanford University Press $30.00 More Details
    The Zohar - Pritzker Edition: Volume I [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [SIGNED BY THE TRANSLATOR]
Matt, Daniel C. [Chanan; Hanan] [Trans. & Commentary] 2004 Stanford University Press $30.00 More Details
    The Hasidic Movement and the Gaon of Vilna
Schochet, Elijah Judah 1994 Jason Aronson Inc. $30.00 More Details
    Jerusalem and other Jewish Writings
Mendelssohn, Moses / Jospe, Alfred [Tr.&Ed.] 1969 Schocken $20.00 More Details
  Studies in the Book of Esther.
Moore, Carey A. [Ed.] / Zimmern, H.; Ringgren, H.; Ungnad, A.; Albright, W.F.; Driver, G.R.; Gordis, R.; Torrey, C.; Bickerman, E.; et al. 1982 Ktav Publishibg House $95.00 More Details

Showing books 1 to 20 (of 2900) 

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